Volcano earthquake report for Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023

World map showing volcanoes with shallow (less than 50 km) earthquakes within 20 km radius during the past 24 hours on 28 Nov 2023 Number in brackets indicate nr of quakes.Quakes detected near: Apoyeque (1 quake mag 2.8), Askja (4…

World Earthquake Report for Tuesday, 28 November 2023

Worldwide earthquakes above magnitude 3 during the past 24 hours on 28 Nov 2023Summary: 1 quake 6.0+, 6 quakes 5.0+, 38 quakes 4.0+, 104 quakes 3.0+, 201 quakes 2.0+ (350 total)This report is being updated every hour.Magnitude 6+: 1 earthquakeMagnitude…

Small magnitude 3.5 quake hits 22 miles northeast of Yucaipa, California, United States late at night

3.5 quake 27 Nov 11:59 pm (GMT -8)A very shallow magnitude 3.5 earthquake was reported late at night near Yucaipa, San Bernardino County, California, USA.According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), the quake hit on Monday, November 27th, 2023, at…

Semeru volcano (East Java, Indonesia) field report: lava dome continues to grow, risk of pyroclastic flows remains high

Glowing lava dome in the inner Semeru's Jonggring Saloko crater (image: Andi/VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)Visual field observations of Semeru from our expedition leader and guide from VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia, Andi Volcanist, during September-November, brought first-hand information about the volcano's behavior. The active lava…

Krakatau volcano (Sunda Strait, Indonesia): short but violent paroxysm events, intense explosions go on

Dome-shaped lava-fountaining episode from the Krakatau's cinder cone at 22:41 last night (image: PVMBG) The eruptive activity at the volcano remains elevated. Since the last update, about 15 explosive events have occurred from the cinder cone and is highly likely…

Significant earthquake of magnitude 5.1 just reported 69 miles southwest of Unalaska, Alaska, United States

5.1 quake 27 Nov 9:13 pm (GMT -9)A magnitude 5.1 earthquake near Unalaska, Aleutians West, Alaska, USA, was reported only 14 minutes ago by the United States Geological Survey, considered the key international and national agency that monitors seismic activity…

Significant magnitude 5.0 quake hits 42 km northwest of La Ligua, Chile early morning

5.0 quake 28 Nov 2:38 am (GMT -3)Just 10 minutes ago, a 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck near La Ligua, Provincia de Petorca, Region de Valparaiso, Chile. The tremor was recorded early morning on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023, at 2:38 am local…

Reykjanes volcano update: brief seismic swarm last night

The swarm location last night (image: IMO)Around midnight from 26 to 27 November, a short-lived seismic tremor commenced in the area of Sýlingarfell. The continuous ground vibration lasted roughly for one hour. About 170 earthquakes of small magnitudes, not exceeding…

The 10 most powerful earthquakes in the world since 1900

Wonder which was the most powerful earthquake in the world on your birthday? Or during a given month or even a whole year? Find it out using our new earthquake search tool!

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes near Kuril'sk, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia

5.3 quake Russia Nov 28, 2023 01:37 pm (GMT +10)A magnitude 5.3 earthquake near Kuril'sk, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia, was reported only 16 minutes ago by the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), considered one of the key international agencies that…

Significant 5.0 quake hits near David, Distrito de David, Provincia de Chiriqui, Panama

5.0 quake South of Panama Nov 27, 2023 09:26 pm (GMT -5)Panama was shaken near David, Distrito de David, Provincia de Chiriqui, by an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 only 9 minutes ago, the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) reported.The…

Small 3.0 quake hits near Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma, USA

3.0 quake 27 Nov 7:20 pm (GMT -6)An earthquake of magnitude 3.0 occurred only 12 minutes ago 10 miles southwest of Norman, Oklahoma, United States, the United States Geological Survey reported.The quake hit at a very shallow depth of 3.1…

World Earthquake Report for Monday, 27 November 2023

Worldwide earthquakes above magnitude 3 during the past 24 hours on 28 Nov 2023Summary: 1 quake 6.0+, 9 quakes 5.0+, 30 quakes 4.0+, 117 quakes 3.0+, 204 quakes 2.0+ (361 total)Magnitude 6+: 1 earthquakeMagnitude 5+: 9 earthquakesMagnitude 4+: 30 earthquakesMagnitude…

Volcano earthquake report for Monday, 27 Nov 2023

World map showing volcanoes with shallow (less than 50 km) earthquakes within 20 km radius during the past 24 hours on 27 Nov 2023 Number in brackets indicate nr of quakes.Quakes detected near: Apoyeque (1 quake mag 2.8), Brennisteinsfjöll (7…

Significant 6.5 quake hits near Wewak, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

6.5 quake 28 Nov 7:46 am (GMT +10)The United States Geological Survey reported a magnitude 6.5 quake in Papua New Guinea near Wewak, East Sepik Province, only 16 minutes ago. The earthquake hit in the morning on Tuesday, November 28th,…

Reventador Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: NEW VA EMS  to 14000 ft (4300 m)

Satellite image of Reventador volcano on 27 Nov 2023

Volcanic activity worldwide 27 Nov 2023: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Semeru...

Map of today's active volcanoesIwo-jima (Volcano Islands): The explosive activity from the new cinder cone continues.The newly formed island has been growing as ejected tephra, mainly comprised of dark black masses of lava bombs and previously lava flows, enlarges the…

World Earthquake Report for November 2023

Worldwide earthquakes above magnitude 5.5 during November 2023Summary: 1 quake 7.0+, 12 quakes 6.0+, 136 quakes 5.0+, 1168 quakes 4.0+, 3601 quakes 3.0+, 7828 quakes 2.0+ (12746 total)This report is being updated every day.Magnitude 9+: noneMagnitude 8+: noneMagnitude 7+: 1…

Gloomy businesses urge COP28 to act on carbon price, fossil fuel subsidies

Businesses say more ambitious policies are needed urgently to drive the transition to clean energy, including an end to fossil fuel subsidies and agreement on a global carbon price, as climate talks begin in Dubai this week.

Rethinking Irvine’s proposed bottled water ban

An effective approach could involve incentivizing the use of reusable and eco-friendly products, fostering community-led initiatives for plastic waste reduction, and investing in comprehensive wate…

COP28 host UAE planned to use climate talks to make oil deals, report claims

Organizers deny the report, which comes as groups raise concern about fossil fuel lobbying at COP28.

When sea levels rise, so does your rent

Residents of an area of high ground in Miami say developers are pricing them out of their homes.

Rat plague hits an Australian coastal town, and thousands more wash up on shore

Months after the local shire's council discussed what it dubbed a "Rat Plague," thousands of rats are creating havoc in a small town on the coast in Queensland.

Killer whale punts a sea lion 20 feet in the air to show calf how it's done

Based on the whales' behavior, an expert said it appeared the orcas were training a new calf in the pod how to hunt with its mother, grandmother and aunt.

Proposed plastics ban in Irvine would kill small businesses like mine

If the city forces us to close, people will likely take their business to less sustainable stores.

The world's biggest iceberg is on the move

The world's biggest iceberg — more than twice the size of Britain's capital city — is on the move after decades of being grounded on the seafloor in Antarctica.

Leaders at COP28 must protect human rights by agreeing to phase out fossil fuels and press the UAE for reforms

Leaders at COP28 climate summit in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must place human rights at its heart by agreeing to rapidly phase out fossil fuels, ensure civil society’s full and free participation in the meeting, and press the Emirati…

Climate summit host UAE planned to use the event to make oil deals, leaked notes suggest | CNN

The documents detail talking points, including suggestions to offer new fossil fuel projects with the UAE’s state-owned oil and gas company, which Al Jaber leads.

Dreaming of a fresh start? These towns and cities will pay you as much as $15,000 to move there.

Places from Minnesota to Mississippi are giving away coworking-space memberships, land, and even houses to lure remote workers and other relocators.

Big blob of hot water in Pacific may be making El Niño act weirdly

El Niño is in full swing and will likely remain "strong" this winter, but its effect on weather patterns in the U.S. depends on the behavior of an unusually warm blob in the western Pacific, experts say.

UAE plotted to use COP28 to push for oil and gas deals, leaked notes show

Documents include estimates of national oil company’s commercial interests in the targeted countries.

UAE reportedly planned to use COP28 climate summit to lobby for oil and gas deals

COP28 will be held in Dubai, with scores of world leaders and government ministers from nearly 200 countries expected to attend.

The Global North Is Alienating the Global South Before COP28 Even Starts

Dismissing the summit because its host is an oil producer is hypocritical and dangerous.

Late Week Rain Expected For South - Videos from The Weather Channel

Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari tracks the upcoming rain moving into Southeast and could provide some drought relief to areas in Tennessee and Louisiana., - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.com

Editorial: On climate change, world leaders are saying one thing and doing another

A U.N. report shows that big nations' fossil-fuel-boosting actions are at odds with their emissions-cutting pledges. They must do better at the COP28 climate summit.

Temperatures cool as holiday weekend comes to close

High tides and low temperatures were expected across the Bay Area this weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Coastal flood advisory; beach hazard warning extended after man and girl swept out to sea

The National Weather Service says the threat of rogue waves and riptides remain high in the Bay Area, a day after a 54-year-old man and a 5-year old were swept out to sea by a sneaker wave.

Live stream: Tugboats work to free massive freighter that ran aground in Detroit River

Small tugboats are working to free a massive freighter that ran aground Monday morning in the Detroit River. You can watch their progress live in the stream above.

The libertarian developer looming over West Maui’s water conflict

Peter Martin spent decades guzzling water around Lāhainā. Then came the fire.

Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil

Climate scientists say fossil fuel use needs to fall rapidly – but oil-rich kingdom is working to drive up demand

Another Southern California city likely to ban single-use plastics

Irvine could become the latest California city to ban single-use plastics, including water bottles, bags, straws and even mylar balloons. The Irvine City Council is set to hold public comment and v…

Cop28 host UAE planned to promote oil deals during climate talks

Leaked briefing documents for meetings with governments contained ‘asks’ from state oil firm

A critically endangered Sumatran rhino named Delilah successfully gives birth in Indonesia

A female named Delilah gave birth to a 55-pound male calf at a sanctuary for Sumatran rhinos in Way Kambas National Park in Lampung province, at the southern tip of Sumatra island.

Freighter headed to Italy with 21,000 tons of wheat gets stuck in Detroit River

The freighter, BARBRO G, was carrying 21,000 tons of wheat and heading to Italy when it ran aground outside Belle Isle Anchorage.

Tribes guard the Klamath River's fish, water and lands as restoration begins at last

The Yurok and other tribes tended the Klamath River's resources for centuries, but were pushed off their land and forced to fight to return.

New calf born in Indonesia to critically endangered species that has fewer than 50 left

The Indonesian government announced the birth of a Sumatran rhino at a sanctuary on the island of Sumatra. The rhinos are a critically endangered species with estimates that fewer than 50 still exist.

Green turtle sex-bias: new cause for concern

The future of the Earth’s green turtles is in serious doubt because too few males are being born to keep procreating the species – but now it appears that the

Endangered Green Sea Turtles Being Feminized By Hormone Mimicking Pollutants

The species is already experiencing a significant female-bias caused by global warming, but this could make things worse.

The World Is Running Out of Male Sea Turtles

Temperature isn't the only culprit.

A23a: World's biggest iceberg on the move after 30 years

A giant ice block more than twice the size of Greater London is on the move, years after its formation.

Why an oil kingdom is hosting the COP28 climate summit and other questions answered

The U.N. Climate Change Conference in Dubai will bring together negotiators from nearly 200 countries. Here’s what to know.

Lessons from the ascent of the United Arab Emirates

How to thrive in a fractured world

Freighter bound for Europe runs aground in Detroit River

The 623-foot freighter ran aground Monday morning, Nov. 27.

Freighter runs aground near Belle Isle, Coast Guard says

Tons of wheat are stuck ashore after the incident Monday, officials said.

Freighter carrying 21,000 tons of wheat runs aground on Detroit River

The freighter was traveling from Canada to Italy.

623-foot freighter carrying 21,000 tons of wheat to Italy runs aground in Detroit River

A 623-foot freighter carrying wheat to Italy ran aground in the Detroit River early Monday morning, according to the United States Coast Guard.

Cincinnati Zoo-born Sumatran rhino Harapan sires first calf in Indonesia

It was 8 years ago when the Cincinnati Zoo made the tough decision to send the Cincinnati-born Sumatran rhino, Harapan, to Indonesia.

The state of the climate crisis

COP28 takes place amid an apocalyptic backdrop. From Appalachia to Malawi, these communities offer a measure of hope.

Cincinnati Zoo-born Sumatran rhino sires first calf in Indonesia

A Cincinnati-born Sumatran rhino has sired his first calf in Indonesia, according to the Cincinnati Zoo.

A critically endangered Sumatran rhino named Delilah successfully gives birth in Indonesia

A critically endangered Sumatran rhino was born in Indonesia’s western island Sumatra on Saturday, becoming the second Sumatran rhino born in the country this year.

Study unveils new insights into asymmetric particle collisions

A study has been published in Nuclear Science and Techniques, by researchers led by Prof. Hua Zheng from Shaanxi Normal University, heralding a significant breakthrough in high-energy particle physics. ...

The simplest explanation for ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

The highest-energy particles could be a sign of new, unexpected physics. But the simplest, most mundane explanation is particularly iron-ic.

For its Next Trick, Gaia Could Help Detect Background Gravitational Waves in the Universe

Ripples in a pond can be captivating on a nice sunny day as can ripples in the very fabric of space, although the latter are a little harder to observe.  Using the highly tuned Gaia probe, a team of astronomers…

Scientists Puzzled by High Energy Signal Coming From Seemingly Empty Space

Scientists detected an extremely high-energy cosmic ray beaming from outer space — which confusingly came from nowhere in particular.

When galaxies merge, we expect them to produce binary black holes (BBHs.) BBHs orbit one another closely, and when they merge, they produce gravitational waves that have been detected by LIGO-Virgo. The upcoming Vera Rubin ...

Quark Picture Put to the Test

A measurement of the charge radius of an aluminum nucleus probes the assumption that there are only three families of quarks.

Orbital-angular-momentum-encoded diffractive networks for object classification tasks

Deep learning has revolutionized the way we perceive and utilize data. However, as datasets grow and computational demands increase, we need more efficient ways to handle, store, and process data. In ...

Using the world's three most powerful particle accelerators to reveal the space-time geometry of quark matter

Physicists from the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) have been conducting research on the matter constituting the atomic nucleus utilizing the world's three most powerful particle accelerators. Their ...

Dark matter could help solve the final parsec problem of black holes

When galaxies collide, their supermassive black holes enter into a gravitational dance, gradually orbiting each other ever closer until eventually merging. We know they merge because we see the gravitational ...

Understanding charged particles helps physicists simulate element creation in stars

New research from North Carolina State University and Michigan State University opens a new avenue for modeling low-energy nuclear reactions, which are key to the formation of elements within stars. The ...

New insights into broken symmetries: Applying the Lorentz reciprocal theorem to fluids with odd viscosities

The Lorentz reciprocal theorem can now be applied to fluids with broken symmetries. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization (MPI-DS) in Göttingen have found a way to ...

Electricity Flows Like Liquid Through "Strange Metal" With Little Quantum Noise

These observations could help explain other peculiar behaviors in unrelated materials.

'First Ever' Experiments to Measure Theoretical 'Quantum Flickering' in an Empty Vacuum Slated for 2024 - The Debrief

Researchers hoping to be the first ever to directly confirm quantum flickering are finally ready to conduct those experiments in 2024.

Metallic Mystery: The Puzzling Silence of a “Strange Metal” in Quantum Noise Experiment

Rice physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in quantum material. True to form, a “strange metal” quantum material proved strangely quiet in recent quantum noise experiments at Rice University. Published on November 23 in the journal Science, the measurements…

Researchers describe the journey of thermal antibubbles in a hot bath

Bubbles are thin liquid shells surrounded by air. Although less well known, there are also antibubbles, which are the opposite of bubbles, i.e., a thin envelope of vapor surrounded by liquid. In a new ...

Researchers pioneer a new way of searching for dark matter

The existence of dark matter is a long-standing puzzle in our universe. Dark matter makes up about a quarter of our universe, yet it does not interact significantly with ordinary matter.

Cosmic Deception: Unraveling the Secrets of Abell 3192

Abell 3192, captured by Hubble, is a complex of two galaxy clusters in Eridanus, exhibiting a gravitational lens effect due to their immense mass. This Hubble Picture of the Week features a massive cluster of brightly glowing galaxies, first identified…

“Amaterasu” particle raises new mysteries from beyond the Milky Way

Scientists have detected one of the most powerful cosmic rays ever observed. Named after the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, the particle rivals the famous "Oh-My-God" particle observed in 1991 - and appears to come from a blank area of the…

Meet Strange Metals: Where Electricity May Flow Without Electrons | Quanta Magazine

For 50 years, physicists have understood current as a flow of charged particles. But a new experiment has found that in at least one strange material, this understanding falls apart.

The world's most powerful lasers attempting to unlock the secrets of the cosmos

They are the most intense lasers ever built, and their beams are helping scientists probe the fabric of the Universe.

ScienceAdviser: Extremely high-energy particle appears to have come from nowhere

Today in Science and science: How plants ‘see’ the light, a robot that can build rock walls all by itself, and more

JWST uncovers a surprising amount of nickel in adolescent galaxies | Astronomy.com

Researchers discovered that galaxies in their 'teenage' era were in an awkward phase and filled with a 'flabbergasting' amount of nickel.

Physicists answer question of Supergalactic Plane’s absent spiral galaxies

Astrophysicists say they have found an answer to why spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way are largely missing from a part of our Local Universe called the Supergalactic Plane.

Researchers Detect Mysterious, Powerful Cosmic Rays Entering Earth But Lack Ideas of Its Source

SRINAGAR: In a ground-breaking discovery, scientists from Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU) have identified an exceptionally energetic cosmic ray, named “Amaterasu” after the Japanese sun goddess, with an astonishing energy level of 244 exa-electron volts (EeV). This revelation, detailed in a…

Amaterasu particle amazes astronomers | Inquirer Technology

The Telescope Array experiment in Utah’s West Desert discovered the Amaterasu particle, the second most powerful cosmic ray ever observed.

Strange Chemistry: Webb Reveals “Teenage Galaxies” Are Unusually Hot, Glowing With Unexpected Elements

JWST unexpectedly reveals nickel and oxygen, which are typically difficult to observe. Similar to human teenagers, teenage galaxies are awkward, experience growth spurts and enjoy heavy metal — nickel, that is. A Northwestern University-led team of astrophysicists has just analyzed…

The Early Universe Had No Problem Making Barred Spiral Galaxies

A mysterious galaxy in the early Universe shows that spiral arms and bars existed two billion years after the Big Bang.

Space News: The universe is expanding faster than theory predicts – physicists are searching for new ideas that might explain the mismatch

Astronomers have known for decades that the universe is expanding. When they use telescopes to observe faraway galaxies, they see that these galaxies are moving away from Earth.

JWST: Dwarf galaxies utilise a 10-million-year lull to propel star formation

Dwarf galaxies, less evolved than their massive counterparts, boast expansive star-forming regions and higher star formation rates

James Webb Space Telescope Uncovers “Teenage” Galaxies in Cosmic Adolescence

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), operational since last year, has revealed groundbreaking insights into galaxies that could be considered the cosmic “teenagers.” Unlike the early galaxies observed, these entities, formed about 2-3 billion years post-Big Bang, show unique characteristics…

Distant 'teenage galaxies' surprise astronomers with unexpected heavy elements

These galaxies appear to be far hotter than expected as well.

Seeking a Quantum Hall Effect for Light

Light confined to an accelerating optical cavity could display a photonic counterpart of the electronic quantum Hall effect.

Cosmic Ray Hits Utah And It Comes From Beyond Our Galaxy

A cosmic ray just hit the state of Utah. Here's the intergalactic origin story of this bizarre happening and what you should know about it.

Unlocking Nature’s Fastest Timescales: Ultrafast Lasers Shrunk to Fingertip Size

The new advance will enable pocket-sized devices that can perform detailed GPS-free precision navigation, medical imaging, food safety inspection, and more. Lasers are essential tools for observing, detecting, and measuring things in the natural world that we can’t see with…

Physicists answer question of Supergalactic Plane's absent spiral galaxies

Astrophysicists say they have found an answer to why spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way are largely missing from a part of our local universe called the Supergalactic Plane.

Invisible Hydrogen Halo: Revealing a Galaxy’s Hidden Polar Ring

Galaxy NGC 4632 harbors a concealed feature invisible to optical telescopes. This galaxy is encircled by a cool hydrogen gas ring that orbits perpendicularly to its spiral disk. Polar ring galaxies, known for such unique formations, are typically identified through…

Starquakes Might Solve the Mysteries of Stellar Magnetism

In their jiggles and shakes, red giant stars encode a record of the magnetic fields near their cores.

New computer code for mechanics of tissues and cells in three dimensions

Biological materials are made of individual components, including tiny motors that convert fuel into motion. This creates patterns of movement, and the material shapes itself with coherent flows by constant ...

Limits for quantum computers: Perfect clocks are impossible, research finds

There are different ideas about how quantum computers could be built. But they all have one thing in common: you use a quantum physical system—for example, individual atoms—and change their state ...

Astronomers Shocked by Mysterious Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray – “What the Heck Is Going On?”

Second only to the Oh-My-God particle, the newly dubbed Amaterasu particle deepens the mystery of the origin, propagation and particle physics of rare, ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. In 1991, the University of Utah Fly’s Eye experiment detected the highest-energy cosmic ray…

A scientist explains an approaching milestone marking the arrival of quantum computers

Quantum advantage is the milestone the field of quantum computing is fervently working toward, where a quantum computer can solve problems that are beyond the reach of the most powerful non-quantum, or ...

A New Era in Laser Technology – Scientists Create Femtosecond Laser Entirely out of Glass

Is it possible to create a femtosecond laser entirely from glass? That’s the rabbit hole that Yves Bellouard, head of EPFL’s Galatea Laboratory, went down after years of spending hours – and hours – aligning femtosecond lasers for lab experiments.…

Research reveals rare metal could offer revolutionary switch for future quantum devices

Quantum scientists have discovered a rare phenomenon that could hold the key to creating a 'perfect switch' in quantum devices which flips between being an insulator and a superconductor.

Our universe's smallest galaxies hold the largest star factories. Here's why

It's possible not enough of their stars explode in supernovas.

Massive Stars in Dwarf Galaxies Delay Superwinds, Boost Star Formation

The enormous galaxies crowded with stars can be assumed as star factories, whirling out brilliant balls of gas. In reality, fewer developed dwarf galaxies have larger regions of star factories, with higher rates of star formation.

Super high energy particle falls to Earth, source a mystery | Digital Trends

Researchers have detected one of the highest-energy particles ever falling to Earth. And no one knows where it came from.