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'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' at 35: Did William Shatner direct the cheesiest chapter in the franchise?

"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" premiered on June 9, 1989. How does the Shatner-directed fifth installment in the Star Trek film series hold up 35 years later?

Is there really a huge subsurface lake near Mars' south pole?

Evidence for a lake beneath the south polar cap of Mars may have been misinterpreted, a new study reports.

Solar flare blasts out strongest radiation storm since 2017

The sunspot that produced the historic geomagnetic storm that led to May's global auroras has made headlines again, producing the strongest radiation storm since 2017.

Take a video tour of Boeing’s Starliner with its 2 NASA astronauts

In a new video, NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams conduct a guided tour of Starliner, the Boeing craft that carried them to the International Space Station last week.

A 'new star' could appear in the sky any night now. Here's how to see the Blaze Star ignite

T Coronae Borealis will erupt with a magnificent explosion sometime between now and September, becoming visible to the unaided eye. Here's how to find it when it does.

Astrophotographer gets close-up look at monster sunspot that led to May's global auroras

Astrophotographer Miguel Claro explains how he captured this incredible image of the sun's surface that includes the giant sunspot AR3664 that led to May's widespread auroras.

Boeing's 1st Starliner astronaut mission extended through June 18

The first astronaut mission of Boeing's Starliner capsule won't come back to Earth until June 18 at the earliest, NASA announced over the weekend.

'We thought it was impossible:' Water frost on Mars discovered near Red Planet's equator

Water frost has been found on huge volcanoes at the equator of Mars, a region where scientists thought frost was impossible.

Youthful galaxy in the early universe was a heavy metal rebel

The existence of carbon in the early universe means that planets and perhaps even life could have formed sooner than anticipated.

The Milky Way's last major act of galactic cannibalism was surprisingly recent

Gaia discovers the Milky Way's last major act of galactic cannibalism was surprisingly recent, as the space telescope counts the "wrinkles" of our galaxy to retell its history."