You can see the International Space Station (and China's Tianhe, too) in the night sky this weekend

You can see two space stations in the night sky this weekend, China's Tianhe and the International Space Station.

New research has found that the rocks were formed as part of a geological upheaval hundreds of millions of years ago.

Inspiration4: The first all-civilian spaceflight on SpaceX Dragon

Jared Isaacman's privately funded trip to Earth's orbit will raise money for St. Jude's.

What a drone sounds like on Mars. Not like a theremin.

NASA released a video today that captures a little of what a drone sounds like on Mars. Spoiler alert: It doesn't sound like a theremin.

NASA increases prices for ISS private astronaut missions - SpaceNews

NASA has increased the prices it will charge for private astronaut missions to the ISS, saying the new prices reflect the true costs of supporting them.

Texas Students to Hear from Astronauts on Space Station

Students from Brownsville, Texas will hear from astronauts aboard the International Space Station during a call at 10:15 a.m. EDT Tuesday, May 11 that will air live on NASA Television, the NASA app, and the agency’s website.

Mushrooms on Mars is a hoax — stop believing hack ‘scientists’

There is no evidence that mushrooms or any other form of life exists on Mars. The Mars rover did not take a picture of fungi growing on the planet. And so-called ‘scientists’ did not explain the existence of fungi on…

NASA, Axiom Space to Host Media Briefing on Private Astronaut Mission

NASA and Axiom Space have signed a mission order for the first private astronaut mission to the International Space Station and will host a teleconference with media at 11 a.m. EDT on Monday, May 10, to discuss more details about…

Watch — and hear — NASA’s Ingenuity copter zip around on Mars

NASA released the first audio-video footage of an Ingenuity flight.

Space Station Science Highlights: Week of May 3, 2021

Crew members aboard the International Space Station conducted research during the week of May 3 that included studies of how space affects the human immune system and solidification of alloys in microgravity.

Astronauts Lay Bare SpaceX Crew Dragon Flight And Journey Experience

Astronauts on board SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft share their experience of the journey and splashdown late last month.

Some volcanoes on Mars may still be active, giving warmth to potential sub-surface life, scientists say

Data from satellites orbitting Mars indicates eruptions could have taken place much more recently than previously known

Scientists Believe These Photos Show Mushrooms on Mars—and Proof of Life

The claim is bound to cause controversy. See the possible evidence.

Fungi on Mars? Researchers claim signs of life on red planet

But critics dismiss the findings, saying conditions are too extreme and changes on the surface can be explained.

Recent Volcanic Activity on Mars Hints at Possibility of Life

Although there is plenty of evidence that Mars has a volcanic past, it was thought to have quieted down long ago. Now, new observations reveal that an eruption could have taken place within the past 50,000 years, which indicates that…

The U.S. and Russia are Parting Ways in Space and That's Risky

America’s “unipolar moment” has lingered on in the international distribution of space capabilities, but it will not last forever.

How long is a day on Venus? It's always changing, new study reveals

There's a reason scientists haven't been able to get their measurements to line up.

“I Felt Really Heavy!” – NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 Astronauts Discuss Their Historic Mission and Return to Earth

NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker, along with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Soichi Noguchi, participated in the first media event following their mission and splashdown, where they answered questions about their historic mission on the…

On The Bad Batch, Choosing When to Fight Is a Family Matter

"Cut and Run," the second episode of Disney+ Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a Clone Wars reunion. Our heroes meet deserter Cut Lawquane but when Hunter makes a decision to keep Omega safe, the choice of when to fight…

The second episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a minor improvement

While the premiere was fun and action-packed, the second episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch takes its time to focus on characters. If you thought last wee...

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2 Review | Den of Geek

The Bad Batch episode 2, "Cut and Run," brings in more Star Wars elements from The Clone Wars while carving out a new path for Omega.

'Unique experience': US astronaut 'felt really heavy' returning to earth on SpaceX capsule

“I felt really heavy”, said one of the four astronauts who returned to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) after spending over 160 days in space.

An out-of-control Chinese rocket is expected to crash into Earth this weekend -- but don't panic

A Chinese Long March 5B rocket expected to reenter Earth's atmosphere around May 8. No one knows exactly where it will land yet.

"There was a point where I was just saying to myself, breathe. Inhale, because I felt really heavy -- I felt like those cartoons when they experience G and your face is just sagging down," said American Victor Glover, one…

SoCal native Victor Glover, 1st Black astronaut on ISS for extended stay, reflects on mission

Astronaut Victor Glover made history as the first African American to board the International Space Station for an extended mission.

No, NASA photos are not evidence of fungus growing on Mars, sorry

Despite what you might have read, the claims for life on Mars are shoddy and unscientific.

"I felt really heavy:" astronauts describe returning to Earth on SpaceX capsule

Four astronauts just returned from the International Space Station described on Thursday their reentry into Earth's atmosphere and ocean splashdown after more than 160 days in space.

Space Tourism? NASA Partner's New Spaceplane Is Set to Take Its First Flight

Sierra Nevada will fly its new spaceplane to the ISS in 2022! Check out the future of space travel.

"Recent" volcanic eruption on Mars boosts subsurface life hypothesis

While there’s evidence of volcanic activity in Mars’ ancient past, it was presumed to have been quiet for millions of years. But now, orbiters have spotted a large volcanic deposit that appears to be relatively fresh – only about 53,000…

Starliner test flight scheduled for July 30 - SpaceNews

NASA and Boeing have scheduled a second uncrewed test flight of the CST-100 Starliner commercial crew spacecraft for July 30.

Starliner test flight scheduled for July 30 - SpaceNews

NASA and Boeing have scheduled a second uncrewed test flight of the CST-100 Starliner commercial crew spacecraft for July 30.

Boeing’s Starliner flew to the International Space Station… in a simulation

NASA's Commercial Crew program took a great deal longer than expected to produce safe and efficient transportation to the International Space Station. Both SpaceX with its Crew Dragon and Boeing's Starliner faced huge delays that set the program back by…

Why Star Wars Fans Are Concerned About The Bad Batch and Whitewashing

Some Star Wars fans have expressed concern that the latest Disney+ animated series, The Bad Batch, has changed the skin tones of its primary clone characters—based on the appearance of Māori-descent actor Temuera Morrison—to appear significantly lighter.

No, NASA Should Not Get in Bed With China’s Space Program

Some see launch of a new Chinese space station as an opportunity for NASA to cooperate with China. This wish ignores some important facts.

That space wine is being auctioned off, maybe for $1 million

One of the 12 bottles of Pétrus 2000, and it's thought that the wine might go for a cool $1 million.

For sale: bottle of wine aged on the International Space Station | Boing Boing

A bottle of Pétrus 2000 wine that was “aged” for 14 months aboard the International Space Station is now for sale by Christie’s. They expect it to fetch around $1 million. A terre…

Boeing, NASA now targeting July 30 for test flight of Huntsville-designed Starliner - Yellowhammer News

Boeing and NASA are now targeting Friday, July 30, for the launch of Starliner’s uncrewed Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2) mission

WATCH LIVE: Astronauts talk about SpaceX splashdown, 6 months in space

The Crew-1 mission astronauts arrived back on Earth early Sunday morning.

Boeing's troubled Starliner capsule now aiming for July launch

NASA and Boeing are now targeting July 30 for an uncrewed test flight of the aerospace company's troubled Starliner capsule to the International Space Station, they announced Thursday.

Carnegie Mellon researchers trained AI to simulate our universe on a GPU

Simulating the universe is difficult. There are, after all, potentially infinite variables to consider. Scientists typically use supercomputers to crunch data at the cosmological level, but a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon recentl

Volcanoes on Mars could be active, raising possibility of recent habitable conditions

Evidence of recent volcanic activity on Mars shows that eruptions could have taken place within the past 50,000 years, a paper by Planetary Science Institute Research Scientist David Horvath says.

Boeing’s Starliner Completes Full Space Station Mission Simulation

NASA and Boeing completed an integrated mission dress rehearsal of Starliner’s uncrewed Orbital Flight Test-2 mission to the International Space Station for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

Bezos’s Blue Origin auctions seat on first New Shepard spaceflight with passengers

Blue Origin plans to begin crew flights of its suborbital New Shepard spacecraft on July 20, launching the highest bidder in an online auction out of the atmosphere and into space for a few minutes of weightlessness and an out-of-this…

China launches four satellites on Long March 2C rocket

Three Chinese military satellites and a civilian data relay payload launched Thursday aboard a Long March 2C rocket.

SpaceX launched and landed an upgraded prototype for the company's next-generation Starship vehicle in South Texas on Wednesday, the company's first Starship test flight since winning a $2.9 billion NASA contract to use the craft to land astronauts on the…

Starlink launch marks 100 missions since an in-flight Falcon rocket failure

The oldest Falcon 9 booster in SpaceX's operational rocket fleet sent 60 more Starlink internet satellites into space Tuesday with a launch from historic pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

China launches military observation satellite

China launched an optical Earth observation satellite April 30, beginning a mission designed to provide detailed reconnaissance imagery to the Chinese military.

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket at 3:01 p.m. EDT (1901 GMT) Tuesday from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, carrying 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit. SpaceX successfully landed the Falcon 9 booster on a drone ship offshore.

SpaceX has performed a static test firing of a Falcon 9 rocket at launch pad 39A ahead of a planned liftoff on Tuesday with 60 more Starlink satellites.

Crew Dragon brings four astronauts back to nighttime splashdown

Four astronauts strapped into their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, undocked from the International Space Station and plunged to a fiery pre-dawn splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico Sunday, closing out the first operational flight of SpaceX's futuristic touch-screen ferry ship.

NASA commander Mike Hopkins, pilot Victor Glover, astronaut Shannon Walker, and Japanese mission specialist Soichi Noguchi wrapped up a 167-day mission early Sunday with a splashdown at sea aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule at around 2:56 a.m. EDT (0656…

When the countdown hit zero last Friday and the engines powering a previously flown Falcon 9 first stage roared to life for takeoff, the four astronauts strapped into a SpaceX Crew Dragon some 21 stories up started laughing.

NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity lands at new airfield after 5th flight

Ingenuity made its fifth Martian flight today (May 7), cruising to a new patch of ground on its first one-way trip on the Red Planet.

You can see the International Space Station (and China's Tianhe, too) in the night sky this weekend

You can see two space stations in the night sky this weekend, China's Tianhe and the International Space Station.

A huge Chinese rocket booster is falling from space, but don't worry. It likely won't hit you.

China's Long March 5B rocket core stage plummets to Earth this weekend. You have almost nothing to worry about.

Inspiration4: The first all-civilian spaceflight on SpaceX Dragon

Inspiration4 will be the world's first spaceflight unsupervised by professional astronauts, using commercial equipment to launch civilian space enthusiasts into orbit.

'Debris' on NBC is a sci-fi show with enormous potential

NBC's original sci-fi show "Debris" is nearing its Season 1 finale with just three episodes left and if you're not already watching it, you ought to be.

US Space Command is tracking China's falling rocket booster, but won't shoot it down

U.S. Space Command is closely tracking a large Chinese rocket body falling uncontrollably back to Earth that is predicted to hit the atmosphere sometime on Saturday (May 8).

A huge Chinese rocket will fall to Earth this weekend. Here's how to track it online.

Several websites give regular updates on the Chinese Long March 5B rocket core that's uncontrollably falling to Earth, with an expected re-entry on Saturday night (May 8).

Perseverance rover captures sounds of Mars helicopter Ingenuity's flight in awesome first (video)

NASA's Perseverance rover captured the whirring of Ingenuity's fast-spinning rotors during the little chopper's fourth Red Planet flight, which took place on April 30.

This week on the forums: Going to Mars, SpaceX giveaway and an alternate Earth!

It’s been another week of enthusiastic space chatter and we've got some highlights for you. Be sure to sign up for the forums and join the discussions today!

Visit 'Mars' with me in's new 'Space Traveler' mini-documentary out now

Follow along with me, senior writer Chelsea Gohd, as I become an analog astronaut in a brand new documentary.

On This Day in Space! May 7, 1992: Space shuttle Endeavour launches on maiden voyage

On May 7, 1992, the space shuttle Endeavour launched on its first flight. See how it happened in our "On This Day In Space" series!

'Spaghettified' star wrapped around a black hole spotted for the first time

Scientists have observed a star wrapped around a supermassive black hole for the first time, providing evidence that an effect dubbed spaghettification occurs when stars venture too close to galaxy centers.

NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity will head to new airfield today on 5th flight

Ingenuity is scheduled to make its fifth Martian flight today (May 7), a jaunt that will be unlike anything the 4-lb. (1.8 kilograms) chopper has attempted so far.

Mystery of strange new 'dune' auroras solved, scientists say

A Finnish-led team has new insights into auroral "dunes" first reported in scientific literature a year ago.

How long is a day on Venus? It's always changing, new study reveals

Astronomers have long struggled to pin down how long a day lasts on Venus, but new research suggests the difficulty stems not from flawed measurements but from real variations in the planet's spin.

SpaceX's Elon Musk hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend

SpaceX boss Elon Musk is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, on a show that features Miley Cyrus as the musical guest.

Falling Chinese rocket debris spotted in space as White House weighs in (photo)

An astronomer spotted a huge Chinese rocket core falling uncontrolled from orbit, as the White House weighed in on the tricky international situation.

Watch live now! SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts talk Dragon splashdown

The four astronauts who flew on SpaceX's Crew-1 mission to the International Space Station will talk about their six months in space; watch it here courtesy of NASA.

Boeing, NASA target July 30 for 2nd test flight of Starliner capsule

Boeing's Starliner astronaut taxi will launch on its second test flight this summer, if all goes according to plan.

Exclusive: 'The Martian' author Andy Weir aims for the stars with new sci-fi thriller 'Project Hail Mary'

New York Times bestselling author Andy Weir taps into extreme science once again for his new sci-fi saga from Ballantine Books, 'Project Hail Mary.'

Radiation resistance is baked into the Perseverance Mars rover. Here's why that's important.

Xilinx's radiation-resistant integrated circuits help power cameras and instruments on NASA's Perseverance rover.

Welcome to Mars! Bill Nye and Robert Zubrin hail new Red Planet visitors.

Two prominent space advocacy groups are cheering the new generation of Mars explorers.

Is there a pattern to the universe?

For decades, cosmologists have wondered if the large-scale structure of the universe is a fractal — that is, if it looks the same no matter how large the scale.

How do you clean a space station? Astronaut Thomas Pesquet shares orbital spring cleaning tips

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet shares space-tested cleaning tips as he prepares for a cleaning day on the International Space Station, where special surfaces help to keep microbes at bay.

SpaceX launches Starship SN15 rocket and sticks the landing in high-altitude test flight

SpaceX's latest Starship prototype just aced a high-altitude test flight, marking a big step forward in the company's plans to help extend humanity's footprint beyond Earth.

SpaceX will try to launch its Starship SN15 rocket in Texas today (updated)

SpaceX may launch its latest Starship prototype from its Starbase test site in Texas on Wednesday (May 5).

China's huge rocket booster falling from space highlights orbital debris problem

The upcoming atmospheric re-entry of a Chinese Long March 5B rocket body is a reminder of a much larger problem, experts say.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin will launch its 1st astronaut flight on July 20 and you can bid for a seat

Blue Origin is targeting July 20 for the debut astronaut launch of its New Shepard vehicle, which is designed to take people and scientific experiments on brief trips to suborbital space.

Red wine in space may age faster  than on Earth, study finds

Red wine stored at the International Space Station for more than a year returned to Earth looking and testing a bit different, and it aged faster than wine on Earth.

SpaceX's next flight for Crew Dragon Resilience is a private launch of 4 civilians

The Dragon spacecraft Resilience may have just returned to Earth, but it already has a new mission: to carry the first private astronaut flight for SpaceX.