SpaceX's defense-focused Starshield satellite internet business lands first contract | TechCrunch

SpaceX won its first contract for Starshield, the defense-focused version of Starlink, from the U.S. Space Force.

Harvest Moon rises over Jackson Hole

JACKSON, Wyo. — “There’s a full moon rising, let’s go dancing in the light…” The full moon Neil Young made famous in 1992 is rising over Jackson Hole across the next couple of nights. According…

The first black hole ever photographed is actually spinning

New observations have discovered that the black hole in M87, the first black hole ever imaged, is actually spinning.

Saturn’s Rings May Have Formed in a Surprisingly Recent Crash of 2 Moons

Researchers completed a complex simulation that supports the idea that the giant planet’s jewelry emerged hundreds of millions of years ago, not billions.

We Now Know What Created Saturn's Iconic Rings

The rings of Saturn are one of the most striking features of our solar system, and now scientists have discovered their secret origin!

Elon Musk Just Won Another Massive Military Contract—This Time, for Satellites

Space Force will spend $70 million on Musk's Starshield satellites.

SpaceX to close out third quarter with record-breaking Starlink mission -

SpaceX is set to close the third quarter of 2023 with its 70th launch of…

Monster Black Hole Confirmed Spinning In Groundbreaking Discovery

The Guardian reports that scientists discovered a spinning supermassive black hole located 55m light years from Earth. The black hole … Continue reading "Monster Black Hole Confirmed Spinning In Groundbreaking Discovery"

Arecibo Observatory prepares for life after astronomy

Four institutions will become stewards of the observatory as it becomes an education center.

It's Official. No More Astronomy at Arecibo

Even though the National Science Foundation announced last year that it would not rebuild or replace the iconic Arecibo radio dish in Puerto Rico — which collapsed in 2020 – a glimmer of hope remained…

A new era for Arecibo: legendary observatory begins next phase

Nature - The US National Science Foundation announces plan to use the historic site for biology and computer science education.

NASA to address concerns about Mars Sample Return mission's 'unrealistic budget'

A NASA review board raised concerns around the Mars Sample Return mission’s budget, scheduling and organization.

Flying Mars rocks to Earth could cost an astronomical $11 billion

Nature - NASA’s Perseverance rover has collected valuable samples, but a new report says the plan to fetch them is unworkable.

Record-breaking astronaut Frank Rubio finally returns to Earth after accidentally spending 371 days in space

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio has finally returned home from a 371-day stay on the International Space Station — a record for an American — after being trapped when his ride home was damaged.

Photos show the 3.86 billion-mile journey of OSIRIS-REx's asteroid sample mission from start to finish

NASA's OSIRIS-REx traveled almost 4 billion miles to get a sample of the asteroid Bennu. Scientists hope to learn about our solar system's origins.

Right before exploding, this star puffed out a sun's worth of mass

The supernova, pinpointed by amateur astronomers, could prove to be a lynchpin in our understanding of massive star deaths.

NASA Finds Bonus Asteroid Dust While Disassembling Spacecraft

The black dust scattered around the avionics deck is just a hint of what's inside OSIRIS-REx's sample canister.

Scientists Have Successfully Measured the Influence of Gravity on Antimatter for the First Time - IGN

Scientists from the CERN particle physics lab in Geneva have succesfully measured the direct influence of gravity on antimatter for the first time in history.

OSIRIS-REx and Bennu: Sample return missions explained

After a seven-year round trip, NASA's OSIRIS-REx brought asteroid samples to Earth on September 24. Why are such samples studied?

What questions do you have about the annular solar eclipse on October 14?

San Antonio and the Hill Country are in line to get a great view of the annular eclipse.

How NASA Brought an Asteroid to Earth

By sampling some of the oldest rock in the solar system, the OSIRIS-REx mission could revise the story of the origins of life.

Scientists just proved that ‘monster’ black hole M87 is spinning — confirming Einstein’s relativity yet again

Astronomers have spotted two huge jets fired off by the 'monster' M87 black hole wobbling on an 11-year cycle, proving for the first time that black holes spin.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy May Launch NASA Psyche Mission to Metal Asteroid Next Week

By some estimates, the asteroid could be more valuable than the entire world economy.

Longest U.S. spaceflight record set

WORLD is a news organization producing Biblically sound, daily coverage of global, national, and cultural current events.

SpaceX launch of NASA's Psyche asteroid mission is just 1 week away

The liftoff, the eighth for SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, is scheduled for Oct. 5.

Starlink Group 6-19 | Falcon 9 Block 5

SpaceX is set to launch 22 Starlink v2 Mini internet communication satellites to low-Earth orbit on its Starlink Group 6-19 mission.

The Last Supermoon of the Year Will Be in the Sky Tonight — What to Know

On Thursday evening, the year’s last full supermoon — a harvest moon — will glow near the horizon just after sunset.

NASA finds more than rocks inside space capsule carrying asteroid samples

Black dust and debris were found by NASA scientists and engineers inside the canister containing the first astroid sample retrieved from deep space in American history.

Stellar explosion from 180 years ago comes alive in new timelapse

Two decades of Chandra Observatory data reveal the aftermath of the Eta Carinae stellar eruption of 1838.

Saturn’s Rings Might Have Come From The Collision Between Two Icy Moons

Supercomputer simulations show that a satellite strike could be the source of Saturn's rings.

’24-hours is not the limit’: Austin-area aerospace company breaks record

Firefly Aerospace, an end-to-end space transportation company based in Cedar Park, announced this month that they broke the record for rocket launch speed. They prepped the payload for a rocket, na…

Space Force Taps SpaceX for $70 Million Starshield Contract

That SpaceX is emerging as an important defense contractor for the Pentagon is increasingly evident.

Right again, Einstein! Study shows how antimatter responds to gravity

Researchers said on Wednesday they have demonstrated for the first time that antimatter responds to gravity the same way matter does — by falling.

SpaceX inks first Space Force deal for government-focused Starshield satellite network

After concerns raised about Musk’s role as a defense contractor.

New JWST results show we're on a path to finding alien life

Within the next few decades, we may well have hard evidence for the existence of alien life on worlds light-years distant from Earth.

Today: SpaceX to launch Falcon 9 rocket from Space Coast, weather permitting

The company said it plans to send 22 more Starlink satellites into orbit for its global high-speed internet network.

(Video) Ring of Fire eclipse to illuminate Casper skies on Oct. 14

CASPER, Wyo. — A unique astronomical event is on the horizon for Casper and surrounding areas. On Oct.14, an annular solar eclipse, commonly known as the

What's Going On With TRAPPIST-1b? It's Complicated

Newly published JWST data reveals that sorting out starlight from measurements of the planet TRAPPIST-1b will be surprisingly difficult.

Scientists confirm that the first black hole ever imaged is actually spinning

The first black hole humanity has ever imaged has also provided us with what researchers are calling "unequivocal evidence" that black holes spin.

2023 annular solar eclipse guide: What to know and how to see it (safely) in Oregon

A 'ring of fire' eclipse is coming to Oregon in just a few weeks. Here's everything you need to know including when and where to see it

It's Time to Marvel at the Fourth and Final Supermoon of 2023

The Harvest Moon rises on Sept. 28. Here's what you need to know.

Last supermoon of 2023 rises this week. Don't miss the Harvest Moon shine with 3 bright planets

Rising on Friday, Sept. 29, the Harvest Moon will be joined in the sky by our solar system’s two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and its smallest, Mercury.

Launch of NASA’s Psyche asteroid mission slips a week due to spacecraft issue

The launch of NASA's Psyche asteroid mission is being delayed a week due to allow "verifications" of parameters used by the spacecraft's thrusters, the space agency confirmed Thursday. Liftoff on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket…

Soyuz lands safely in Kazakhstan to end record-breaking mission; Rubio: “It’s good to be home”

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio and two Russian cosmonauts undocked from the International Space Station and plunged back to Earth early Wednesday, landing on the steppe of Kazakhstan to close out an unexpected yearlong stay in…

Two Russian cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut return to Earth after an extended tour of duty aboard the International Space Station. The landing marked the end of a 370-day-21-hour-22-minute-long mission. It was the third longest…

Rapid response Victus Nox launch success open new possibilities for Space Force, commercial space industry

Nearly two weeks after the successful launch of a payload for the U.S. Space Force’s Space System Command, leaders from the branch along with launch provider, Firefly Aerospace, and satellite manufacturer, Millennium Space Systems, touted…

Two cosmonauts, NASA astronaut head for Wednesday landing after yearlong mission

Outgoing space station commander Sergei Prokopyev and his two Soyuz crewmates, co-pilot Dmitri Petelin and NASA astronaut Frank Rubio, packed up Tuesday for a fiery plunge back to Earth early Wednesday to close out a…

SpaceX Falcon 9 launches Starlink satellites from California

SpaceX launched its 42nd Starlink delivery mission of the year with a Falcon 9 lifting off from the West Coast carrying a batch of 21 satellites at 1:48 a.m. PDT (4:48 a.m. EDT / 0848…

OSIRIS-REx sample return capsule safely lands in Utah

A saucer-shaped capsule carrying asteroid fragments that may hold clues about the birth of the solar system slammed into Earth's atmosphere Sunday and descended to an on-target parachute-assisted touchdown in Utah in the final chapter…

Spaceflight Now's Will Robinson-Smith speaks with some of the key figures at Lockheed Martin, who helped bring the OSIRIS-REx mission to life and will continue working with both the spacecraft and the asteroid samples after…

Live coverage as a capsule lands in the U.S. Army test range in the Utah desert carrying samples from the surface of asteroid Bennu. NASA's OSIRIS-REx (short for the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, and…

Another Falcon 9 hits 17-flight milestone with Starlink launch

A SpaceX Falcon 9 launched from Cape Canaveral Saturday night with a first-stage booster making its 17th flight. It was only the second to reach this milestone. Liftoff, with 22 Starlink satellites occurred at 11:38…

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