2014 UN271: Death Star sized object headed for our Solar System

A unique object is headed toward our Solar System. The object called 2014 UN271 (data recording started in 2014) appeared in the Dark Energy Survey collaboration on June 19, 2021 and is gaining pop…

NASA to Air Launch, Docking of Roscosmos Cargo Ship to Space Station

Live coverage of Russia’s Progress 78 cargo spacecraft’s launch and docking to the International Space Station will begin at 7 p.m. EDT Tuesday, June 29, on NASA Television, the agency’s website, and the NASA app.

NASA's Webb Telescope will use quasars to unlock the secrets of the early universe

Quasars are very bright, distant and active supermassive black holes that are millions to billions of times the mass of the Sun. Typically located at the centers of galaxies, they feed on infalling matter ...

When ‘the Aliens Are Us’

Two astronomers tracked the star systems that, if they had life, could look toward us and discover our planet the same way we detect others.

Any aliens orbiting these 2,000 stars could spot Earth crossing the sun | Science News

Alien astronomers in those star systems could discover Earth the way we find exoplanets: by watching for a dip in starlight.

Alien planets have had "front-row" view of Earth for ages, astronomers say

Aliens could have seen us the way we’ve tried seeing them.

A new analysis of the surface of Venus hints the planet might be geologically active

Scientists have performed a new analysis of the surface of Venus that has revealed evidence of tectonic motion. That evidence comes in the form of crustal blocks that have jostled against each othe…

Aliens could have spotted Earth cross the sun from more than 1,700 star systems

E.T. could also potentially have detected life on Earth, scientists say.

Aliens in 1,700 star systems could have seen civilization emerge on Earth

At least 1,715 nearby star systems sat at a perfect angle to view Earth during the past 5,000 years, meaning aliens living in those systems, if they exist and have the right technology, could have watched our planet from afar as early human civilizations first emerged.

Alien Planet-Hunters In Hundreds Of Nearby Star Systems Could Spot Earth

Potentially, observers in plenty of solar systems could have detected Earth sometime in the last 5,000 years. More stars will soon move into positions that would let them see our planet.

China's Tiangong space station: What it is, what it's for, and how to see it

China's space program is making impressive progress.

Alien Life in These Star-Systems Could Have Spotted Earth After Human Civilization Blossomed

Scientists at Cornell University and the American Museum of Natural History have identified 2,034 nearby star-systems — within the small cosmic distance of 326 light-years — that could find Earth merely by watching our pale blue dot cross our sun. That's 1,715 star-systems that could have spotted

Scientists identify 29 planets where aliens could observe Earth

Astronomers estimate 29 habitable planets are positioned to see Earth transit and intercept human broadcasts

Radio signals coming from the nightside of exoplanets could reveal planetary details

So far, in the search for exoplanets, scientists have been unable to detect radio signals coming from those planets. However, they believe that radio signals from distant solar systems could give a…

How Lobster Eyes Can Help Astronomers Get a Wider View of the Cosmos

The crustacean-inspired technology can help us analyze far-off phenomena, like supernovae collisions and solar wind, that extend past our own galaxy.

Citizen scientists discover 2 gas giants around a distant sun-like star

Citizen scientists detected two gas-giant exoplanets orbiting a distant sun-like star located about 352 light-years from Earth using data from NASA’s Planet Hunters Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite.

Marvel redefines Earth's place in the universe with cosmic X-Men spinoff SWORD #6 - spoilers

One of Marvel's most popular mutants gets an out-of-this-world new status quo in SWORD #6

X-Men: The Hellfire Gala Names the Marvel Universe's Most Important Mutant

Following the revelations of the X-Men's Hellfire Gala, Marvel's S.W.O.R.D. names the most important mutant leader in the Marvel Universe.

What's Up With Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch, At Marvel? (Spoilers)

Hey Wandavision fans, it's Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch time. We already looked at some of the big news breaking in today's SWORD #6 regarding the future

Scientists able to ‘look back through time’ after major finding about how planets form

New findings allow scientists to effectively peer back through time into the beginnings of other planetary systems after a major new finding.

This ‘charming’ particle could have saved the universe

Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider obtained the result by analyzing over 30.6 million particle decays, and are aiming to look with more precise detectors when the atom smasher powers up again in September.

CERN’s LHCb breakthrough will reveal a lot about the universe’s origins

CERN has measured one of the smallest differences in mass between two particles ever, which will allow us to discover much more about our cosmic origins.

Astronomers discover new dwarf planet or strange comet on eccentric orbit around the Sun

Astronomers discovered a new object in an eccentric orbit around the Sun, which could come as close as 11 AU to our star.

Mind the gap: Scientists use stellar mass to link exoplanets to planet-forming disks

Using data for more than 500 young stars observed with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA), scientists have uncovered a direct link between protoplanetary disk structures—the planet-forming ...

Mind the Gap: Direct Link Uncovered Between Protoplanetary Disk Structures and Giant Exoplanets

New survey reveals that the presence of gaps in planet-forming disks is more common to higher mass stars and to the development of large, gaseous exoplanets. Using data for more than 500 young stars observed with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA), scientists have uncovered a

After Mars, Hellfire Gala Makes Bigger Changes To Marvel Universe

Today, the Marvel Universe sees the publication of SWORD #6, following on from last week's Planet-Size X-Men, and is another of what the X-Men line calls

Mars helicopter Ingenuity nails 8th flight on the Red Planet

Ingenuity is traveling south to keep up with the Perseverance rover.

Finding "Missing" Matter: New Light on Baryonic Matter and Gravity on Cosmic Scales

Scientists estimate that dark matter and dark energy together are some 95% of the gravitational material in the universe while the remaining 5% is baryonic matter, which is the “normal” matter composing stars, planets, and living beings. However, for decades almost one half of this matter has not be

The surface of Venus moves like ice floating on an ocean

Researchers used decades-old radar data and found that some low-lying areas of Venus' crust are moving and jostling. This evidence is some of the strongest yet of tectonic activity on Venus.

Astronomers Just Discovered a Tiny Planet Heading Toward Our Inner Solar System

A colossal comet is on its way to the inner reaches of our solar system! Presenting astronomers with an rare chance to study the Oort Cloud.

Squids in space! Hawaiian cephalopods to help keep astronauts healthy

It is hoped that studying the squid will help scientists see how astronauts could better cope with health issues in space.

Maxon Announces the Immediate Availability of Universe 4.0

FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany (PRWEB) June 23, 2021 Maxon, the developers of professional software solutions for motion designers, visual effects artists and editors, today announced the immediate avai

Past, present and future stars that can see Earth as a transiting exoplanet

The Gaia database is used to identify stars from which astronomers on orbiting planets could see Earth transiting the Sun in the past, present and future.

'Extremely eccentric' mini planet approaches Earth for first time in...

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a .... tiny planet? The space rock 2014 UN271 has reached the inner solar system and will come closest to Earth in about 10 years.

Signs of Geological Activity Discovered on Venus

The surface of Venus is cracked and moves like ice floating on the ocean – likely due to tectonic activity. The big idea Much of the brittle, upper crust of Venus is broken into fragments that jostle and move – and the slow churning of Venus’ mantle beneath the surface might be responsible. My col

Venus might be more active than we thought, scientists say

The jury is still out on tiny aliens floating above our neighboring planet, but the planet itself might be a little jittery.

Mysterious space rock set to reach the closest point to Earth in 2031

Object 2014 UN271 is slightly closer to the sun than Neptune but will be closer than Saturn by 2031. Experts say it is made of ice and rock, and measures between 62 and 230 miles wide.

'Mega comet' discovered flying into solar system: scientists

Astronomers have reportedly discovered that a large object moving from the outer reaches of the solar system will approach as close as Saturn's orbit in the next decade.

Laundromats on Mars? NASA and Tide team up to tackle space laundry problem

If we want clean undies on the moon and Mars, then we're going to have to figure out how to wash our clothes in space.

Venus Lacks Plate Tectonics. But It Has Something Much More Quirky.

Scientists say giant slices of rock may move across the surface of Earth’s closest neighbor like pack ice floating in the sea.

Venus found to be more geologically active than previously believed

Planetary scientists have reportedly found that the crust of Venus is fragmented and that its surface shows evidence of tectonic motion.

University of Florida professor partners with NASA sending squid into space

Professor and researcher Jamie Foster worked with NASA and SpaceX to send the mollusk into orbit for research.

A Mega Comet Or Minor Planet Is Approaching On A Very Eccentric Orbit

An object with an orbit that takes it almost a light-year from the Sun is about to pay us a visit. We have almost a decade's warning because it is unusuall

NASA sends squid into space for research

The baby squid were sent into space earlier this month on a SpaceX resupply mission to the International Space Station. Understanding what happens to the squid in space could help solve health problems for astronauts.

Starliner capsule fueled for unpiloted test flight to International Space Station

Boeing finished loading hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide maneuvering propellants over the weekend into the company's second space-rated Starliner capsule at the Kennedy Space Center, days after stacking of its Atlas 5 launcher began a few miles away at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

Photos: SpaceX rocket launches, then lands, on Space Force mission

These photos show the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket June 17 from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, carrying a GPS navigation satellite into orbit for the U.S. Space Force. Once its job was complete, the rocket's first stage booster returned to a landing on a SpaceX drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Chinese military payloads deployed on Long March 2C rocket launch

China launched three more Yaogan 30 military reconnaissance satellites June 18 aboard a Long March 2C rocket.

Photos: Surplus missile motor from 1960s launches classified NRO satellites

A Cold War-era missile motor cast with solid propellant in 1966 fired up for the first time Wednesday to catapult a Northrop Grumman Minotaur 1 rocket off a launch pad in Virginia with three small spacecraft for the U.S. government's spy satellite agency.

Spacewalkers unfurl first of six new space station solar arrays

Astronauts Thomas Pesquet and Shane Kimbrough floated outside the International Space Station Sunday to deploy and unroll a new solar array blanket after encountering spacesuit glitches and an interference issue during a previous excursion Wednesday.

SpaceX launches first national security mission on reused commercial rocket

A fresh GPS navigation beacon destined to replace a nearly 17-year-old satellite rode into orbit from Cape Canaveral on top of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Thursday, marking the first time risk-averse U.S. military space officials have agreed to launch a national security mission on a reused commercial booster.

Chinese astronauts enter Tiangong space station for first time

Three Chinese astronauts floated into the country's new Tiangong space station Thursday, becoming the first people to board China's outpost in orbit after a successful launch from a military base in the Gobi Desert to start a three-month mission.

SpaceX launched a national security payload for the U.S. military Thursday for the first time using a previously-flown Falcon 9 rocket booster. The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station with a GPS navigation satellite at 12:09 p.m. EDT (1609 GMT).

Three Chinese astronauts launched at 9:22 p.m. EDT Wednesday (0122 GMT Thursday) aboard the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft. A Long March 2F rocket blasted off from northwest China and successfully carried the astronauts into orbit, setting the stage for their docking at the Tiangong space station about six hours later.

U.S. Space Force clears reused SpaceX rocket for launch with GPS satellite

Following years of planning, a GPS navigation satellite built by Lockheed Martin will be the first operational U.S. military payload to ride a reused SpaceX booster on a launch from Florida Thursday, laying the groundwork for future national security missions to save money by incorporating recycled rocket parts.

National Space Society's ISDC 2021 conference goes virtual — here's how to watch it live Thursday

The National Space Society (NSS) will hold its flagship annual event virtually this year, starting on Thursday (June 24) — and you can watch most of it live, for free.

Get a galactic deal on these awesome 'Star Wars' bed sheets from Walmart

May the Force be with you at bedtime with these galactic deals.

Space Perspective starts selling seats for balloon rides to stratosphere

Space Perspective is taking seat reservations for its "Spaceship Neptune," a balloon-borne pressurized capsule designed to carry people about 100,000 feet into the sky. The price: $125,000 apiece.

More than 22,000 apply to join European Space Agency's astronaut corps, a new record

The European Space Agency has received a record number of applications for its recently closed call for new astronauts with more than 22,000 people applying.

The space race takes on a bizarre twist in Image Comics' new sci-fi series 'Primordial'

The space race of the 1950s and 1960s gets a bizarre twist in the new miniseries "Primordial" from Image Comics.

Space calendar 2021: Rocket launches, sky events, missions & more!

Here's a guide to all the rocket launches and astronomical events in 2021, as well as milestones for space missions, anniversaries and conferences.

Lockheed Martin wins $4.9 billion contract to build advanced missile-warning satellites

Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $4.9 billion contract to build a triad of missile-warning satellites for the U.S. Space Force.

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

The Hubble Space Telescope captured new images of a strange see-through galaxy named NGC 1052-DF2 that appears to lack dark matter.

Fortnite launches a 'Cosmic Summer' update with aliens and space-themed fun

Fortnite's current UFO-themed season has launched an "extraterrestrial celebration" for the summer and it should be a cosmic blast, Epic Games says.

How to calculate the odds that an alien spaceship has been spotted

The US military has released previously classified photos and films related to unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings, which mostly show something blurry moving strangely.

Aliens could have spotted Earth cross the sun from more than 1,700 star systems

In the past 5,000 years, more than 1,700 nearby stars could have seen Earth and potentially detected life here, and four of those stars are known to possess rocky planets of their own, a new study finds.

China's Tiangong space station: What it is, what it's for, and how to see it

It will be built on a modular design, similar to the International Space Station operated by the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and the European Space Agency.

Hubble Space Telescope's 1980s computer glitch may run deeper than NASA thought

It turns out it's tricky to troubleshoot a 1980s computer that's dashing around Earth hundreds of miles over our heads.

Citizen scientists discover 2 gas giants around a distant sun-like star

A pair of gas-giant exoplanets was found orbiting a distant sun-like star, thanks to the help of citizen scientists around the world.

On This Day in Space! June 23, 1949: XS-1 rocket plane takes 117th Flight

On June 23, 1949, the XS-1 rocket plane flew for the 117th time. See how it happened in our "On This Day In Space" series!

Hubble Space Telescope finds galaxy with weirdly little dark matter

Astronomers may not know what dark matter is, but they do know that galaxies are supposed to contain a lot of the shadowy, invisible substance.

Tide to develop first laundry detergent for astronauts' clothing on space station

Future astronauts may not need to worry about moon dust and Mars soil stains, thanks to a new effort by Tide to develop a detergent for use in space.

UK company to start sending secret quantum keys with satellites in 2023

U.K. startup Arqit expects to launch a worldwide service for sharing unbreakable quantum-encrypted messages using satellites in 2023.

'Strawberry Supermoon' on Thursday will get its own Krispy Kreme doughnut

Krispy Kreme will release a new space-themed doughnut celebrating the June 24 supermoon.

See the Hubble Space Telescope's iconic Pillars of Creation in Lego form

One of the Hubble Space Telescope's most iconic pictures is now reimagined in Lego form.

These Star Trek Prime Day deals are a must to get your Trek on

If you're a Star Trek fan looking to score some sweet merch this Prime Day, these deals are for you.

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series is over 50% off for Prime Day!

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series" on Blu-ray is now on sale for Prime Day.

Light up the night with Uncle Milton's 'Moon in My Room' for 40% off this Prime Day

The "Moon in My Room" is available until the end of the day today (June 22) at Amazon for 40% off, so be sure to snap it up quickly.

Celestron's PowerSeeker 127EQ telescope is 30% off for Prime Day

Looking for the perfect beginner's package for a telescope? The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is on sale now for $132.49 for Amazon Prime Day, a 30% deep discount.

Former astronaut Pam Melroy sworn in as NASA deputy chief

Former astronaut Pam Melroy was sworn in as NASA deputy administrator on Monday (June 21), four days after being confirmed for the post by the U.S. Senate.

Exclusive Q&A: Sci-fi author Martha Wells talks about her latest Murderbot novella, 'Fugitive Telemetry'

Nebula and Hugo Award-winning writer Martha Wells adds to the "Murderbot Diaries" with "Fugitive Telemetry," starring the soap opera-loving cyborg named Murderbot.

NASA picks 3 new science experiments for commercial moon missions

Behind the scenes, NASA's Artemis program relies on Commercial Lunar Payload Services partners to deliver science equipment to the moon.

Build a Mars rover or an 'Infinity Gauntlet' with littleBits Inventor Kits, up to 40% off for Prime Day

Aspiring coders will want to move quickly on these space-inspired littleBits Prime Day deals ending Tuesday (June 22).

Play Trouble and Operation with Baby Yoda in Hasbro's Mandalorian Edition Games For Prime Day

Save nearly 50% on Amazon on these two classic games repurposed for the hit show

June full moon 2021: See the 'Strawberry supermoon' shine

June's full moon, known as the Strawberry Moon, will come a day after the moon reaches the closest point in its orbit around the Earth, making it the second and last "supermoon" of the year.