Outrage in India as men convicted of rape, murder walk free

The development comes as a shock to the country that has struggled to address widespread sexual violence against women.

Remains of 2 children found inside suitcases bought from storage facility auction in New Zealand

A homicide investigation is underway in New Zealand after a family found the remains of two children inside suitcases they bought from a storage facility in an online auction. The family alerted po…

Scientists plan to ‘de-extinct’ Tasmanian tiger eradicated a century ago

The same company that announced plans last year to “de-extinct” the woolly mammoth now hopes to do the same with the Tasmanian tiger, a beloved Australian marsupial.

Saudi doctoral student gets 34 years in prison for tweets

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A Saudi court has sentenced a doctoral student to 34 years in prison for spreading “rumors” and retweeting dissidents, according to court documents obtained Thursday, a decision that has drawn growing global condemnation.

Saudi doctoral student gets 34 years in prison for tweets

A Saudi court has sentenced a doctoral student and women’s rights advocate to 34 years in prison for spreading “rumors” on Twitter and retweeting dissidents

One year ago, Biden promised to 'stay' in Afghanistan until 'all' Americans got out. He didn't keep his word

One year ago today, President Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that the U.S. military would remain in Afghanistan until all Americans and Afghan allies were evacuated.

UN chief meeting presidents Zelenskiy and Erdoğan for talks in Ukraine

Grain shipments and the situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant expected to be on the agenda

Putin revives Stalin-era 'Mother Heroine' award for women with 10 children

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday that revived the Soviet-era "Mother Heroine" award for women with 10 children or more, in an apparent attempt to alleviate a demographic crisis in the country.

Release of men jailed in gang rape stirs protests in India

Dozens of women protested against the release of the men in the capital, New Delhi on Thursday.

Remains of two children found in suitcases bought by family at auction in New Zealand

New Zealand police were alerted to the case when the family reported finding human body parts in several items they bought from a storage facility.

Russia is offering a hero’s medal and $16,800 to women who have 10 kids

Facing a declining and ageing population, Russia has revived a Soviet-era honor and introduced a cash reward for women who give birth to and raise 10 kids.

Putin promises Russian mothers $16K for having ten children

The United Nations has predicted that in a worst-case scenario Russia's population could almost halve by the start of the next century.

Putin brings back Stalin-era award for mothers who have 10 children as population declines and Russia suffers heavy losses in Ukraine

Earlier this month, the Pentagon said it estimated roughly 80,000 Russian troops had been killed or wounded in Ukraine.

Putin revives Soviet ‘Mother Heroine’ award for women who have 10 children

Nearly eight decades after Stalin launched the award, Moscow is again worried about population decline, especially amid heavy losses in Ukraine.

Putin brings back Stalin-era award for mothers who have 10 children as population declines and Russia suffers heavy losses in Ukraine

Earlier this month, the Pentagon said it estimated roughly 80,000 Russian troops had been killed or wounded in Ukraine.

Russia Moves to Close Key Jewish Group as Ties With Israel Sour

A Russian court is moving to close the Jewish Agency for Israel, which oversees the emigration of Russian Jews to Israel, in a sign of deteriorating relations between the Kremlin and the Israeli government.

Russian Jews head for Israel as Kremlin targets emigration group

In the hours after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Ilya Fomintsev, a 43-year-old oncologist and director of a medical charity, took to the streets of Moscow to protest. He was arrested and sentenced to 20 days’ detention.

In Ukraine, a Russian mercenary group steps out of the shadows

The notorious Wagner group is recruiting. Murderers are welcome.

Wagner Mercenaries Enter the Spotlight as Russian Troops Struggle in Ukraine

Wagner Group has proven indispensable in Russia’s few successes in Donbas, and now is expanding its recruitment drive to prisons as it seeks to replenish its losses.

Police: Remains found in suitcases bought at auction belong to primary school-age children

New Zealand police were alerted to the case when the family reported finding human body parts in several items they bought from a storage facility.

Russian Defence Ministry announces large-scale provocation at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in coming days

UKRAINSKA PRAVDA - THURSDAY, 18 AUGUST, 2022, 11:59 The Russian Defence Ministry said that a "large-scale provocation of the Kyiv regime" could occur at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) during the visit of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to Ukraine on 19 August.

New Zealand family finds children's bodies in abandoned bags

Police in New Zealand say a family who bought abandoned goods from a storage unit discovered the bodies of two children hidden in suitcases

Algerian forest fires kill at least 26 people and destroy nearly 2,600 hectares

At least 26 people have been killed and several injured in wildfires that ravaged mountainous areas in the east of Algeria, according to the state-run Algeria Press Service (APS).

Human remains in Manurewa suitcases two primary school-aged children

The Herald understands remains found at a Manurewa property on August 11 are two children.

Russia warns radioactive waste could hit Germany if accident occurs at damaged nuclear power plant

The warning on Thursday came as tensions over the status of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant came to the fore.

Israel shuts offices of Palestinian rights organizations it labeled terror groups

IDF troops confiscate property, weld doors of offices in Ramallah shut, after defense minister ratifies 2021 decision to outlaw groups over alleged ties to PFLP

Death toll in Kabul mosque bombing rises to 21, Taliban says

The Taliban raised the death toll from a bombing at a Kabul mosque to 21 on Thursday. ISIS was likely responsible for the attack, but no one has claimed responsibility.

Ukraine latest updates: NATO says ‘urgent’ need to inspect plant

Ukraine news from August 17: NATO says it is ‘urgent’ to allow UN nuclear watchdog to inspect Zaporizhzhia plant.

Ukraine Strikes Russian Base Ahead of Talks With Turkey, U.N.

Ukraine’s latest attack in Russian-occupied Kherson came as President Volodymyr Zelensky prepared to meet with foreign leaders and discuss food shipments and the increasingly tense situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

One killed, 18 wounded in renewed Russian shelling of Kharkiv

Russian forces shell the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv for a second day, regional governor says.

Zelenskyy to host Lviv talks with UN chief, Turkish leader

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is due to host the U.N. chief and Turkey's leader Thursday for talks on the recent deal to resume Ukraine's grain exports , the volatile situation at a Russian-occupied nuclear power plant and efforts to help end the nearly six-month-old war .

In Bucha, Burials Continue for Victims of Wartime Atrocities

More bodies were interred in the Kyiv suburb this week. They had no names, only numbers.

Ukraine live briefing: Strikes pound Kharkiv; U.N. chief to discuss grain deal, nuclear risk

U.N. Secretary General António Guterres will meet the leaders of Ukraine and Turkey in Lviv. Blasts in Crimea have drawn attention to Kyiv's special forces.

U.S. to Begin Formal Trade Talks With Taiwan

The announcement comes amid tensions with China over the self-governing island, which several American lawmakers recently visited.

Russian "Alligator" helicopter destroyed in Ukraine airstrike: Military

The "Alligator" is an attack helicopter operated by the Russian Air Force that can destroy armored targets, low-speed aerial targets and military personnel.

Soldiers of the Azov Regiment show how they destroyed a Russian ammunition depot and military equipment in the Kharkiv region

UKRAINSKA PRAVDA - MONDAY, 15 AUGUST 2022, 16:02 An ammunition depot, a screenshot from a video The soldiers of the Azov special operational forces (SOF) regiment have conducted a successful special operation in the Kharkiv region, destroying Russian military equipment and an ammunition depot, and killing personnel.

Analysis | What Americans think about China and Taiwan

Majorities support backing Taiwan as the U.S. has backed Ukraine, as long as U.S. troops aren’t involved.

Ukraine Live Updates: U.N. Chief to Assess Grain Export Progress in Lviv

António Guterres helped broker the deal restoring the flow of food out of Ukraine. He and the leaders of Ukraine and Turkey will discuss the battles threatening a nuclear plant.

Crimea attacks point to Ukraine’s newest strategy, official says

Defense chief says Ukraine is counting on Special Forces to hit key Russian capabilities until enough Western weapons arrive for a full-scale counteroffensive

Bombing at Kabul mosque kills 10, including prominent cleric

An Afghan resident and police say that a bombing at a mosque in Kabul during evening prayers killed at least 10 people, including a prominent cleric, and wounded at least 27

Ukraine authorities stage nuclear catastrophe exercise; Kyiv working to get inspectors into occupied power plant

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukraine is working with the IAEA to get inspectors into the occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Worker at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant warns of potential catastrophe

ABC News interviewed an engineer who works at the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine.

The world could be ‘sleepwalking’ into a ‘nuclear war,’ WHO chief warns regarding Russian-occupied Ukrainian power plant

At a Wednesday press briefing, WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus referenced Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, held by Russian troops. "My fear is that we are sleepwalking into even a nuclear war. That's dangerous. It's the mother of all problems."

WHO boss says 'color of skin' behind lack of help for Tigray

The World Health Organization's director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has suggested that racism is behind a lack of international attention being paid to the plight of civilians in Ethiopia's war-shattered Tigray region.

‘Colour of the skin’: WHO chief hits out over Tigray crisis indifference

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says world ignores Ethiopian humanitarian disaster being inflicted on six million people by their own government

Ethiopia calls WHO chief's comments on Tigray "unethical"

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Ethiopia’s government is criticizing as “unethical” the statement by the World Health Organization’s director-general that the crisis in the country’s Tigray region is “the worst disaster on Earth” and his assertion that the lack of attention from global leaders may be due to Tigrayans’ skin color.

尹대통령, 취임 100일 기자회견서 언론통제 논란?…기존 관례 [팩트체크]

17일 서울 용산 대통령실 청사에서 열린 윤석열 대통령 취임...

법원 “이준석 비대위 효력정지 가처분, 이번주 결정 어려워”

법원 이준석 비대위 효력정지 가처분, 이번주 결정 어려워

전용기 "대통령 기자회견에, 북한 미사일 발사 은폐 의심"

전용기 더불어민주당 의원이 오늘 오후 2시 합동참모본부가 새벽에 북한이 서해상으로 순항미사일 2발을 발사했다고 발표한 것에 대해 윤 대통령의 취임 100일 차 기자회견 때문에 발표...

[영상] '尹라인' 이원석 "검찰 중립성이란 가치 소중히 지킬 것" | 연합뉴스

(서울=연합뉴스) 이원석(53·사법연수원 27기) 검찰총장 후보자는 18일 "앞으로 국민 목소리를 더욱 겸손하게 경청하고 검찰 구성원의 힘을 합...

[���ս÷�] �� �̻��� �߻��� ��, ���� `����� ����`�� ȭ���ؾ� - ���ϰ���

������ ������ ����� ���� 100��°�� 17�� ���׹̻��� 2���� �߻��ߴ�. �츮 �� �����ڴ� 17�� "���� ���� ������ ��ȳ��� ��õ���� ���ػ����� ���׹̻��� 2���� �߻��� ���� Ž���ߴ�"�� ������. ���� ��� �յ��� �̻��� �߻� ������ ������ ���������� ���� 6�� 5�� ź

이준석 “윤 대통령 통 큰 줄 알았는데, 국민도 속고 저도 속은 것 같다”

이준석 전 국민의힘 대표는 18일 윤석열 대통령이 자신을 ‘내부총질 당대표’로 평가하는 등 사...

이준석도 비대위도 "끝까지 간다" 후폭풍 불가피

이준석 전 대표는 윤석열 대통령에 대한 비판을 이어가며, 끝까지 싸우겠다는 뜻을 굽히지 않았습니다. 국민의힘 내에선 이 소송이 기각될 거라는 전망이 우세한 가운데, 법...

[영상] '尹라인' 이원석 "검찰 중립성이란 가치 소중히 지킬 것" | 연합뉴스

(서울=연합뉴스) 이원석(53·사법연수원 27기) 검찰총장 후보자는 18일 "앞으로 국민 목소리를 더욱 겸손하게 경청하고 검찰 구성원의 힘을 합...

한겨레 ‘살아남은 김용균들’ 이달의 기자상

한국기자협회는 ‘제383회 이달의 기자상’ 기획보도 신문·통신 부문 수상작으로 의 ‘살아남은 김용균들 187명’(...

7월 이달의 기자상, 한겨레 '살아남은 김용균들' 등 6편

[서울=뉴시스]이수지 기자 = 한국기자협회가 제383회 7월 이달의 기자상 수상작으로 6편을 선정했다. ◇ 취재보도1부문 ▲'1호기 속 수상한 민간인..尹 대통령 사적수행·사적채용 논란' (MBC 정치부 이기주·이정은·신수아 기자) ◇ 경제보도부문 ▲'수상한 불법 외환거래' (한국일보 경제부 김정..

지자체가 폐기 침대 불법 소각‥"경위 파악 중"

높이 쌓여 있는 건 폐기물로 수거 한 침대 매트리스입니다. 야외에서 통째로 태우고 있는데, 물론 불법입니다. 그런데 이렇게 불법을 저지르는 사람들. 지자체인 통영시가 ...

통영시, 침대 매트리스 야외서 불법 소각

통영시가 시민들이 배출한 침대 매트리스를 야외에서 불법 소각한 사실이 드러나 충격을 주고 있다. 17일 통영거제환경운동연합에 따르면 통영시는 대형폐기물인 침대 매트리스를 수거한 후 명정...

[속보] 오후 9시까지 전국서 13만3777명 확진

[속보] 오후 9시까지 전국서 13만3777명 확진, 홍민성 기자, 사회

코로나19 신규 확진 17만 8,574명…해외유입 역대 최다

코로나19 신규 확진자 수가 17만 명대로 집계됐습니다. 이 가운데 해외 유입 사례는 633명으로 역대 가장 ...

북한, '판문점 도끼만행' 또 억지 주장…"미국의 계획적 도발"

북한, '판문점 도끼만행' 또 억지 주장…"미국의 계획적 도발", 정치

尹정부 100일에… 北, 서해로 순항미사일 2발

북한이 윤석열 정부 출범 100일째인 17일 순항미사일 2발을 발사했다. 윤 대통령이 15일 광복절 경축사에서 북한의 비핵화에 보상하겠다는 ‘담대한 구상’을 제안한 지 이틀 만이…

가처분 심문 1시간 만에 종료…이르면 오늘 결론

가처분 심문 1시간 만에 종료…이르면 오늘 결론

[단독] "나도 프락치였다" '제대 후에도 밀정 활동' 증언 잇따라

1980년대 초반 김순호 국장처럼 보안사의 녹화사업 대상이 돼서 실제 밀정활동을 했다는 사람들을 만났습니다. 이들은 녹화공작은 군 복무 시절에 그치지 않았고, 보안사가...

'지지율·인사·이준석' 민감한 답변 피해가

윤 대통령은 지지율, 인사, 이준석 전 대표 같은 민감한 정치 현안에 대해선 구체적인 답변을 내놓지 않았습니다. 김건희 여사나 비선논란에 대해선 아예 질문이 나오지 않...

국힘 비대위 ‘대국민 사과’해도…‘용산 참사’ 책임자 총장에

주호영 위원장이 이끄는 국민의힘 비상대책위원회가 18일 ‘대국민 사과’로 출범을 알렸다. 비대위 주요당직인 사무총장에는 ‘...

美 “北, 행동 안바꾸면 제재 유지”…순항미사일에 언급 자제

윤석열 대통령의 ‘담대한 구상’ 제안 이틀 만에 순항미사일 발사로 도발한 북한에 대해 미국이 “외교와 제재 노력 모두 유지할 것”이라고 밝혔다. 북한이 대화를 거부하고 도발을 지…

[연합시론] 또 미사일 발사한 북, 남측 '담대한 구상'에 화답해야 | 연합뉴스

(서울=연합뉴스) 북한이 윤석열 대통령 취임 100일째인 17일 순항미사일 2발을 발사했다. 우리 군 관계자는 17일 "오늘 새벽 북한이 평안남...

尹 회견장 노트북 금지, 언론통제? ‘文 100일’때도 수첩 썼다

“이 많은 기자들 중 노트북을 소지한 사람이 한 명도 안보이냐. 연필로 수첩에 적는 30년 전 과거로 돌아갔냐?”17일 취임 100일을 맞은 윤석열 대통령의 첫 기자회견에서 기자…

이준석 “尹과 오해 풀려면 오래 걸려…전대 내년 6월에 해야”

이준석 전 국민의힘 대표는 18일 “윤석열 대통령과의 갈등을 해소하려면 오랜 시일이 걸릴 것”이라고 말했다. 당 전당대회에 대해서는 “내년 6월에 해야 한다”고 강조했다. 이 …

���� "�Һ��� ���� �ݿ��� �������� �ñ�" - ���ϰ���

ġ�� �� ����ǰ�� ���̴� ���� �� ������ ����� ���� ���� �� �ݹ߿� �������� ǥ���� �������, ���� ����λ����� �Գ� ���� "���� ���� ���� ��"

서울우유, 원유 가격 인상 움직임에…정부 '정책 지원 중단 검토'

경제 · 금융 > 경제동향 뉴스: 정부가 서울우유에 대한 정책 지원을 중단하는 방안을 검토합니다. 정부는 원유 용도별 차등가격제를 도입한 뒤 올해 원유 가격을 결정한다는 방침을 세웠는데, 업계 점유율 1위인 서울우유의 이번 움직임으로 차등가격제 개편 논의 동력이 떨어질 수 있다는 지적이 나온 바 있습니다. 다만 정부는 서울우유와 관계없이 차등가격제 도입을 추진하겠다고 밝혔습니다.

서울우유의 배신…"빵·커피 가격 줄줄이 오르나" 술렁

서울우유의 배신…"빵·커피 가격 줄줄이 오르나" 술렁, 서울우유, 원유 구매가 기습 인상 L당 1100원→1158원으로 인상 흰우유 1위 업체의 독자 행보에 차등제 추진하던 정부·업계 난감 유제품 소비자가격 인상 우려도

이준석, 尹대통령 겨냥 "국민도 속고 나도 속았다" | 연합뉴스

(서울=연합뉴스) 이슬기 기자 = 국민의힘 이준석 전 대표는 18일 윤석열 대통령을 겨냥해 "국민도 속고 나도 속았다"고 말했다.

이준석 "장제원, 원래 대중적으로 인기 없다" 직격

이준석 "장제원, 원래 대중적으로 인기 없다" 직격, 장제원 겨냥 "더 큰 위협은 빙산의 본체" "초기 대통령실 인사, 장제원 의도 작용"

박근혜 수사한 '尹사단 브레인' 이원석, 검찰총장 후보자로

박근혜 수사한 '尹사단 브레인' 이원석, 검찰총장 후보자로, 尹, 검찰총장 후보자로 이원석 지명 수사+조직 운영 능력 겸비한 특수통

檢 총장 후보 지명에…선배-동기 18명 ‘줄사표 가능성’

윤석열 대통령이 이원석 대검 차장검사(53·사법연수원 27기)를 현 정부 첫 검찰총장 후보자로 지명하면서 검찰 고위 간부 여럿이 사직하는 ‘인사 후폭풍’이 이어질 수 있다는 전망…

이준석 “尹 모델하우스 금수도꼭지…분양 받아보니 녹슨 수도꼭지”

국민의힘 이준석 전 대표가 윤석열 대통령의 ‘내부총질’ 문자에 대해 “(문자를 보고) 아득했다. 대통령이 통 큰 이미지가 강조되다 보니까 ‘털고 갈 수 있겠지’ 했는데 국민도 속…

이준석 “윤 대통령 통 큰 이미지? 국민도 속고 저도 속았다”

2008년 총선 ‘친박대학살’ 공천 당시박근혜 전 대통령 발언 인용해 비판 “윤핵관들, 선거 이기고도 정치공작”

이준석, 尹 겨냥 “통 큰 줄 알았는데…국민도 속고 나도 속은것 같아”

국민의힘 이준석 전 대표가 18일 윤석열 대통령에 대해 “국민도 속은 것 같고 저도 속은 것 같다”고 했다. 박근혜 전 대통령이 이명박 정부 시절인 2008년 18대 총선 공천 …

���ؼ� "��, �� ū �� �˾Ҵµ������ε� ���� ���� �� ����" - ���ϰ���

���ؼ� �� �������� �� ��ǥ�� 18�� ������ ������� ���� ���ε� ���� �� ���� ���� ���� �� ���ٰ� ���ߴ�.�� �� ��ǥ�� �̳� KBS ���� `�ְ濵�� �ְ��û�`���� ��� ȸ���̳� ��ȸ������ �����̶���� �̷� �� ���鼭 `�׷�, ���� ��

[제보는 MBC] 지방흡입했다가 '허벅지 괴사'‥병원은 환자 탓

30대 여성이 서울 강남의 한 병원에서 지방흡입 수술을 받은 뒤 피부가 썩어들어가는, 괴사가 일어나고 있다는 진단을 받았습니다. 하지만 수술을 한 병원은 괜찮다는 말만...

[육퇴한 밤] “ADHD 잘 낫는 병입니다”

육아 동지 유튜브 채널 김효원 서울아산병원 소아 정신건강의학과 교수소아 정신과 의사가 알려준 영·유아부터 사춘기까지우리 아이 ‘발달’의 모든 것

지구본 닮은 조선 '휴대용 해시계' 귀환…"처음 확인된 희귀품"(종합)

지구본 닮은 조선 '휴대용 해시계' 귀환…"처음 확인된 희귀품"(종합), 문화스포츠

‘판문점 도끼만행사건’ 46주기 추모식 열려

1976년 판문점 도끼만행사건으로 숨진 미군 장교들에 대한 추모식이 오늘(18일) 경기도 파주시 캠프 보니파...

김순호 경찰국장, 국회서 과거 경찰입문 의혹에 "결코 아니다"

김순호 경찰국장, 국회서 과거 경찰입문 의혹에 "결코 아니다", 사회

[단독] "집안에 전단지 모아뒀다" 밀정 의심 증언 잇따라

김순호 경찰국장은 부인하고 있지만 노동운동을 함께했던 동료들은 그의 수상한 행동이 한두 가지가 아니었다고 말하고 있습니다. 동료들은 그의 밀정활동을 의심할만한 정황들을...

삼성, '세탁기 유리문 깨짐' 사고 공식 사과…"무상 도어 교환" | 연합뉴스

(서울=연합뉴스) 김철선 기자 = 삼성전자[005930]는 최근 연이어 발생한 '드럼세탁기 유리문 깨짐' 사고와 관련해 문제가 된 세탁기 모델에...

과방위 또 파행…與 “폭주하는 설국열차”·野 “아직도 야당이라 착각”

국회 과학기술정보방송통신위원회(과방위)가 또 한 번 파행했습니다. 위원회 구성 27일 만인 오늘(18일) 여...

정청래 "손대지 마세요"-권성동 "정회하라니깐" 과방위 '파행'

18일 과방위, 소위 구성 등 두고 또 파행... "혼자 다 하라" 국민의힘 의원들 2번 '집단퇴장'

화재 위험 큰 리튬 2차전지…“EPR 적용 등 관리 강화해야”

드론·보조배터리 등 리튬 2차전지 사용 늘어재활용업체·선별장서도 관련 화재 발생 빈번

�̰� �� ħ������ϡ����� Ư���� �����? - ���ϰ���

����� ���쿡 ���ص� ����� 1��1500�� ħ��, ���ؾ� 1600�� ���� �� �ش�Ư�� ���� �� ���� �� �ȿ� �� ��ǰ�� ���� ���޾� �ڿ����ض� ������ ��� �з� ����޾Ƶ� ����� ���� �ȵ� ����ü �߱� `����Ȯ�μ�` ���� ����� ���Ρ������ ��ȯ ���� ���谳�߿� `ī�����丮` Ȱ�� �߰��� �� �� ħ���� ���� Ȯ��

[뉴스외전 이슈+] '가처분' 판단, 오늘 안 나오면 인용 가능성 높아지나?

법원, 이준석 '비대위 효력정지 가처분' 첫 심문 김성훈 "각자 변론 마치게 되면 재판부는 쟁점이 무엇인지 정리하고 각 쟁점에 대해 미리 파악한 내용 바탕으로 질의" 심문 결과 이...

美국무부 “北 본질적 접근법 바꿀 때까지 제재 유지”

미국 국무부가 북한의 행동 양상에 변화가 있기 전까지는 제재를 유지하겠다는 방침을 밝혔다. 네드 프라이스 국무부 대변인은 17일(현지시간) 정례브리핑에서 “우리는 (북한의) 근…

Eerie glow in sky confuses Australian town and outs cannabis farm

Though soon proven not to be supernatural, the light in the sky did reveal a secret.

Zelenskyy to host Lviv talks with UN chief, Turkish leader

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) — As a potential power broker, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will use his first visit to Ukraine since the war started nearly six months ago to

Fewer Americans file for jobless benefits last week - World News

Slightly fewer Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week as the labor market continues to stand out as one of the strongest segments of the U.S. economy.

Footage shows aftermath of Russian strikes on Kharkiv residential buildings – video

Overnight attacks hit residential buildings in Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkiv

Evansville's Ohio River camper featured alongside Pete Davidson in 'The Weekly World News'

The satirical post featured "Saturday Night Live" alum Pete Davidson hiding out by the camper, which captured Evansville's attention last month.

Taiwan Says China Continues Its Military Activities Nearby

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's defence ministry said 51 Chinese aircraft and six Chinese ships had been detected operating around Taiwan on Thursday as Beijing continued military activities near the island. That included 25 aircraft that crossed the Taiwan Strait's median line, which in normal times ...

Exiled Rebel Leader Returns to Chad for National Talks

N'DJAMENA (Reuters) - One of Chad's most prominent rebel leaders, Timan Erdimi, returned home on Thursday after 17 years in exile to participate in national talks meant to pave the way to elections after the military seized power last year. More than 30 rebel and opposition factions signed a peace ...

'Unfriendly' nations not invited: Russia restricts access to its market

The plan emerging from central bank proposals and a gradual unwinding of local restrictions will focus on mobilising capital at home while catering to jurisdictions it considers friendly.

Climate Migration: Flooding forces Bangladesh family to flee

BHOLA, Bangladesh (AP) — When the Mehgna River swallowed Mohammad Jewel and Arzu Begum's tin-roofed family home overnight in southern Bangladesh just over a year ago they had no choice

UK crossbow intruder wanted 'to kill queen'

Jaswant Singh Chail, 20, who is facing treason charges in Britain, spent months plotting the attack and attempting to gain access to the royal family, the Westminster Magistrates Court in London was informed.

Musk tweet joking about buying Manchester United causes stir

LONDON (AP) — Elon Musk caused a stir by tweeting that he was buying the English soccer team Manchester United — whose current owners are opposed by many fans —

Kenya's president-elect will 'engage' in any court challenge

Kenyan president-elect William Ruto says that if there’s a court challenge to the election results, “we will engage in those” as the country awaits a likely petition from losing candidate Raila Odinga

Climate crisis: China hit by worst heat wave in decades

One of the regions hit badly by the heat wave is China’s southwestern Sichuan province, which has shut down factories for six days to ease a crippling power shortage

In UK, workers strike as inflation crushes earnings

Railway and postal staff, dockers too. Britain's workers are striking in vast numbers as decades-high inflation erodes the value of wages at a record pace.

Japan encourages its sober young people to drink more and boost economy

The Japanese government has launched a nationwide competition to revitalise the alcoholic beverages industry which has been shrinking due to demographic changes, lifestyle choices and the coronavirus pandemic.

One person died and 18 were wounded on Thursday in pre-dawn shelling of a residential area in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Oleh Synehubov, the regional governor said. "At the moment, there are 18 wounded, among them two children, one person died," Synehubov wrote on the Telegram messaging ...

William the 5th: How Ruto went from streets to Kenyan presidency

In Ruto’s first presidential bid, history and hustle helped him outwit the sitting president and a political veteran.

Kenya Elections Chief Says Dissenting Officials Wanted Re-Run

Four election officials who disputed the outcome of Kenya’s presidential vote wanted the results changed to ensure there was a re-run between frontrunners William Ruto and Raila Odinga, the electoral body’s chairman said.

Paul Sorvino Celebration of Life

Kate Linder poses before a Celebration of Life event for the late character actor Paul Sorvino, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, at the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles. Sorvino died on

U.S. Sees China Continuing Pressure Campaign Against Taiwan

TAIPEI/BEIJING (Reuters) - The United States expects China to continue its pressure campaign against Taiwan, the top U.S. diplomat for East Asia, Daniel Kritenbrink, said on Wednesday, adding that Beijing's words and actions have been deeply destabilising. (Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Martin ...

Angolans Abroad to Vote for First Time, but Wonder if It Will Change Anything

By Catarina Demony and Miguel Pereira LISBON (Reuters) - Dania Silva is excited to be one of the thousands of Angolans abroad to be voting remotely for the first time in their country's election next week, though she wonders whether her vote will change anything. "I have faith but...I believe there ...

Election 2022 What to Watch

FILE - U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, right, applauds as she is joined by former President Donald Trump on stage during a rally at the Alaska Airlines Center, in Anchorage,

China’s heatwave closes factories that supply parts to Tesla, Intel, and Toyota

Apple’s supplier and Toyota have also shut down factories.

ONGC signs deal with ExxonMobil for deepsea exploration in India-World News , Firstpost

ONGC signs deal with ExxonMobil for deepsea exploration in India

International news brief: China's worst heatwave in 60 years, US tests long-range missile & more

China's worst heatwave in 60 years is forcing factories to close with temperatures crossing 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in dozens of cities. China's Sichuan province has ordered all factories to shut down for six days to ease a power shortage in the region as a scorching heat wave sweeps across the country.

Syria denies it is holding American journalist Austin Tice

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syria denied on Wednesday it is holding U.S. journalist Austin Tice or other Americans after President Joe Biden accused the Syrian government of detaining him.

International news brief: China's worst heatwave in 60 years, US tests long-range missile & more

China's worst heatwave in 60 years is forcing factories to close with temperatures crossing 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in dozens of cities. China's Sichuan province has ordered all factories to shut down for six days to ease a power shortage in the region as a scorching heat wave sweeps across the country.

China: Millions hit by power cuts amid heatwave

Factories are shut in the south-western Sichuan province and residents of a big city face blackouts.

Monkeypox cases jumped 20% last week to 35,000 across 92 countries: WHO

WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said vaccines may also play an important part in controlling the monkeypox outbreak, and in many countries, there is high demand for vaccines from the affected communities.

Kenya's Ruto Says No Time to Waste After Election as Rival Prepares Court Challenge

By George Obulutsa NAIROBI (Reuters) -Kenya's president-elect William Ruto said on Wednesday there was no time to waste in tackling an economic crisis, as defeated rival Raila Odinga prepared a legal challenge to overturn his loss in Aug. 9's election. Ruto was declared president-elect on Monday ...

BEIJING (Reuters) -Chinese troops will travel to Russia to take part in a joint exercise with Russia and other countries including India, Belarus and Tajikistan, the Chinese defence ministry said on Wednesday. China's participation in the joint exercises is "unrelated to the current international ...

China cuts power to factories, homes as reservoirs fall

BEIJING (AP) — Factories in China’s southwest have shut down and a city imposed rolling blackouts after reservoirs to generate hydropower ran low in a worsening drought, adding to economic strains at a time when President Xi Jinping is trying to extend his hold on power. Companies in Sichuan province including makers of solar panels, cement and urea closed or reduced production after they were ordered to ration power for up to five days,...

Vice World News To Launch Channel On Twitch

Vice World News will launch a news channel on the streaming platform Twitch, including live shows twice a week. The two-hour show will debut on Aug. 23, and stream Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 AM…

Chinese factories close as drought hurts hydropower

BEIJING (AP) — Factories in China’s southwest have shut down after reservoirs used to generate hydropower ran low in a worsening drought, adding to economic strains at a time when President Xi Jinping is trying to extend his position in power.

Putin blasts US 'hegemony,' predicts end to 'unipolar' world

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of trying to encourage extended hostilities in Ukraine as part of what he described Tuesday as Washington's alleged efforts

Toyota and CATL Shut Plants in Sichuan as Power Crisis Worsens

Toyota Motor Corp. and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., the world’s biggest battery maker, have announced factory closures as the impact of a drought-induced power crisis in China’s Sichuan province spreads.

Chinese factories shut down after drought hits power supplies

Reservoir levels have fallen and power demand for air conditioning has surged in scorching temperatures.

China's Sichuan Limits Power to Homes, Offices Amid Extreme Heat

(Reuters) - China's southwestern province Sichuan began limiting electricity supply to homes, offices and malls on Wednesday, due to a severe power crunch driven by extreme heat waves and drought, according to state media and one power company. Residential areas, officies and shopping malls in ...

Lula, Bolsonaro Officially Enter Campaign Season as They Court Voters

By Maria Carolina Marcello and Lisandra Paraguassu BRASILIA/SAO PAULO (Reuters) -Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro and his leftist front-running challenger Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva formally launched their campaigns on Tuesday for Brazil's most polarized elections in decades in October. The race ...

Biden signs tax, health and climate bill into law

The president hails the $700bn (£579bn) bill as the "final piece" of his long-stalled domestic agenda.

International News: Dog tests positive for Monkeypox in 1st suspected case of human-to-pet transmission

By Zoila Palma Gonzalez: A 4-year-old Italian greyhound has contracted Monkeypox, Yahoo reports. A medical journal published evidence of the first suspected case of human-to-pet transmission of the monkeypox virus. The dog lives with 2 men in France who were infected with Monkeypox and after t

Kenya's Odinga Rejects Election Results, Will Launch Legal Challenge

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's losing presidential candidate Raila Odinga said on Tuesday his coalition totally rejects the election results that saw Deputy President William Ruto win the presidential vote, and vowed to pursue legal means to challenge the decision. The veteran opposition leader, who ...

Kenya election result: William Ruto defies the odds for victory

Deputy President William Ruto was the underdog in the race for the presidency.

Kenya Election Body: Ruto's Party Wins Governorship of Kenya's Capital

By George Obulutsa NAIROBI (Reuters) - Deputy President William Ruto's party has won the governorship of Kenya's capital Nairobi, the election commission announced on Sunday, handing Ruto's party control of East Africa's wealthiest city. Johnson Sakaja, a former senator for Nairobi, won the race in ...

South Korea’s Webtoons Seek K-Wave Success

Webtoons seek K-Wave success as comics for smart phones may be the next form of Korean cultural expansion in international markets.

South Korea Threatens 16 Unregistered Crypto Exchanges With Fines, Imprisonment

South Korea has threatened legal action against 16 cryptocurrency exchanges for operating without the necessary permits in the country.

KuCoin & 15 More Crypto Exchanges Face Ire of South Korean Regulator

Sixteen international crypto exchanges – including KuCoin and the Mexican heavyweight MEXC – have landed in hot water with South Korean financial regulators for failing to comply with local guidelines and allegedly courting domestic clients without operating permits.

Korean financial watchdog to block tens of unregistered exchange websites

Korean Financial Intelligence Unit moves to halt operations of 16 foreign-based cryptocurrency exchanges that have failed to register with relevant authorities.

South Korea's Money Laundering Watchdog Flags 16 Crypto Firms for Operating Without Registration

Crypto exchanges KuCoin and Poloniex are among the foreign firms accused of conducting "illegal business activities" without proper registration, and could face fines or imprisonment.

Unification Church followers decry 'biased' Japanese media

Thousands of Unification Church followers have rallied in South Korea protesting negative Japanese media coverage after the suspect in the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe blamed the church for his family’s troubles

S.Korea's Hyundai Mobis aims to separate key businesses into new units

South Korean auto parts maker Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd said on Thursday it was considering separating its modules and key parts businesses into new wholly owned units in an effort to enhance each segment's expertise and maximise efficiency.

South Korea’s Ryu leads way at inaugural Simone Asia Pacific Cup

Two-time major winner So Yeon Ryu reels off seven birdies in a flawless round at the Pondok Indah Golf Course in Jakarta.

S.Korea to attend preliminary meeting of U.S.-led chipmaker group

South Korea is expected to attend a preliminary meeting for a U.S.-led group of major microchip manufacturers including Taiwan and Japan, South Korea's foreign minister said on Thursday.

South Korea to Block KuCoin, Poloniex in Crackdown on Unregistered Crypto Exchanges - Decrypt

Authorities in South Korea are cracking down on 16 crypto exchanges allegedly operating in the country without registration.

South Korean girl group with Vietnamese member sets new K-pop record - VnExpress International

NewJeans, a girl group with Vietnamese member Hanni, has set a record in highest first-week sales for a K-pop girl group debut album.

Unification Church followers decry 'biased' Japanese media

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Thousands of Unification Church followers rallied in South Korea on Thursday protesting negative Japanese media coverage of their religion after the suspect in the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe blamed the church for his family’s troubles.

S.Korea's Hyundai Mobis Aims to Separate Key Businesses Into New Units

SEOUL (Reuters) -South Korean auto parts maker Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd said on Thursday it was considering separating its modules and key parts businesses into new wholly owned units in an effort to enhance each segment's expertise and maximise efficiency. Hyundai Mobis, an affiliate of automaker ...

Korean police seize crypto for unpaid traffic fines in trial

Gunpo police have been part of a pilot program designed to increase the collection rate of fines by seizing crypto from the exchange accounts of delinquent fine payers.

Pay Your Traffic Fines or We’ll Confiscate Your Crypto – S Korean Police Pilot Grants Officers New Powers

South Korean police have been given experimental new powers that allow them to seize crypto from people who refuse to pay fines – and have already taken crypto from a citizen who failed to pay a traffic fine.

South Korea's Kakao drops plan to sell stake in taxi-hailing unit

South Korean tech conglomerate Kakao Corp said on Thursday it is no longer exploring plans to sell about 10% of unit Kakao Mobility after objections from unionised employees and other stakeholders.

South Korea Financial Markets

Currency traders work near the screens showing the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI), left, and the foreign exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and South Korean won at a

Breaking: Terra Founder Do Kwon Hires Lawyers For Preparing Legal Actions

Terra founder Do Kwon has hired domestic lawyers to prepare for legal actions in response to the Terra-LUNA crash investigation.

South Korea to Block Foreign Crypto Exchanges Lacking Permit

South Korea plans to block domestic access to foreign cryptocurrency exchanges that lack the proper registration to operate in the country and could launch a probe into the companies.

How South Korea learned to love private equity

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

Do Kwon Hires Law Firm in South Korea Anticipating Legal Battle: Report - The Daily Hodl

The former CEO of Terraform Labs is reportedly hiring a lawyer in preparation for a possible legal battle against him over the high-profile multibillion-dollar collapse of the Terra ecosystem in May.

South Korea's president pardons Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong

Vice chairman of global tech giant latest top executive to receive leniency

Delta Air Lines Adding More Flights to South Korea

The carrier is bolstering service to Asia.

N.Korea fires two cruise missiles from west coast town of Onchon

North Korea fired two cruise missiles on Wednesday after Seoul and Washington began to prepare for live fire join training exercises later this month

Kimchi Premium Trading Total Could Be Almost Twice as High as First Thought, Says Regulator

The sum total of illegal kimchi premium trading conducted via South Korean banks could be as high as USD 6.5 billion, regulators claim – and authorities in the nation say they are now investigating “all” domestic commercial banks over the matter.

Multiple Korean banks under probe for $6.5 billion worth of suspicious transactions

After making the first arrests over suspicious cryptocurrency-linked transactions, Korean authorities discovered additional transfers.

Do Kwon hires lawyer in preparation for defense in South Korea

Terra's cofounder Do Kwon has hired a lawyer in preparation for his defense against South Korean prosecutors.

Terra’s Do Kwon reportedly seeks assistance from Korean law firm as investigation heats up

Days after appearing in public following the demise of Terra, its creator Do Kwon has lawyered up to prepare for any legal action.

South Korea will not seek its own nuclear deterrent, president says

South Korea’s president calls for more diplomacy in the face of growing North Korean nuclear weapons capabilities.

Do Kwon reportedly hires lawyers in S. Korea to prepare for Terra investigation

The Terra-USD collapse and implosion of its ecosystem led to crypto contagion that claimed several crypto hedge funds and lending protocols.

“An Insult”: Do Kwon’s First Interview Since Terra Failure Flops

Do Kwon has broken his silence on Terra's $40 billion collapse in an interview with Coinage. However, the community has criticized the piece.

‘Down Infinite’: A Ham-Fisted Attempt to Rehabilitate Do Kwon’s Image

Why does crypto welcome back fraudsters, and other questions raised by a softball interview with Terra's founder.

Do Kwon breaking silence triggers responses from the community

Bitcoin supporter Cory Klippsten encouraged those who lost their money to pursue legal action against Do Kwon.

Terra’s Do Kwon Hires Legal Team in South Korea: Report

Terra's central figure Do Kwon has hired a team of lawyers in South Korea in preparation for legal proceedings, local news has reported.

How ‘Third Way’ Countries Live With COVID-19

Australia, Japan, South Korea, and others have found middle ground between a full return to pre-pandemic normalcy and attempts to cling to “zero COVID.”

Faker donates ₩30M to aid flood relief efforts in South Korea

League of Legends star and part-owner of T1 Lee "Faker” Sang-hyeok donated US$25,000 to flood relief efforts in Seoul, South Korea.

S.Korea urges improved ties with Japan on freedom anniversary

SEOUL (Reuters) -South Korea must overcome historical disputes with Japan and achieve peace with North Korea as key steps towards bolstering the stability and security of the North Asian region, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said on Monday. Speaking at a ceremony to mark the 1945 end of Japan's colonial rule of the Korean peninsula, Yoon said Tokyo had become a partner in tackling threats to global freedom, and urged both nations to overcome disputes…

North Korea launches two cruise missiles off coast in first since Covid outbreak

South Korean and the United States military authorities are analysing details of missiles’ flight

North Korea Launches Missiles Ahead of Massive U.S. Military Drills

It comes amid fears that Pyongyang is prepping its first nuke test in five years.

Vladimir Putin on mission to forge closer ties with North Korea

Vladimir Putin wants to forge closer ties with North Korea.

Donbas separatist leader urges cooperation with North Korea - KCNA

North Korea and the Russian-backed separatist Donetsk region of Ukraine will develop "equally beneficial bilateral cooperation", Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin said in a letter to Kim Jong Un, North Korean state media reported on Wednesday.

In South Korea, Nancy Pelosi avoids public comments on Taiwan, China

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her congressional delegation are in South Korea, and she has visited a border area with North Korea.

China Has Painted Itself Into a Semiconductor Corner

Lost billions, graft probes, and broken dreams are the result of over-ambitious goals to build a leading chip sector.

Donetsk self-proclaimed leader pledges ‘bilateral cooperation’ with North Korea

Russian-backed self-appointed leader writes Kim Jong-un a letter, shortly after Vladimir Putin said Moscow and Pyongyang would expand relations

Donetsk leader calls for 'beneficial' ties with North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The head of Russian proxy forces in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region has sent a message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calling for cooperation amid signs the North is considering sending laborers for restoration projects in Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine.

South Korea-based IC designers dominate global supply of OLED DDI

South Korea-based IC design houses together occupied 79% of the global supply of OLED display driver ICs (DDI) in the first quarter of 2022, South Korea-based cited Omdia as indicating.