More than 200 hurt as Israeli police clash with Palestinians at Jerusalem mosque, Palestinian Red Crescent says

At least 205 people were injured at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque after Israeli police in riot gear clashed with Palestinians following evening prayers, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Evictions in Jerusalem Become Focus of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The effort to evict six Arab families from a contested neighborhood has drawn attention to the Israeli effort to remove Palestinians from parts of East Jerusalem and led to protests.

India's Covid crisis delivers a blow to brand Modi

Narendra Modi's carefully crafted image has taken a hit as India reels from a punishing Covid wave.

Palestinians, Israel police clash at Al-Aqsa mosque; dozens hurt

Palestinian worshippers clashed with Israeli police late Friday at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, a major holy site sacred to Muslims and Jews, in an escalation of weeks of violence in Jerusalem that has reverberated across the region.

Israeli police clash with protesters over Palestinian evictions

Up to 178 Palestinians and six officers injured in skirmishes at al-Aqsa mosque and around east Jerusalem

Indian woman with Pittsburgh ties discusses ways to help India amid second wave of COVID-19

Nation continues to break records for new COVID-19 cases and deaths

Opinion | Britain’s Political Realignment

The Tories continue to gain in the former Labour heartland.

Scottish election 2021: Results in maps and charts

The picture across Scotland with 48 seats declared after the end of the first day of counting.

Mexico City’s government says that the public hospital network dedicated to fighting COVID-19 is experiencing its lowest rate occupancy of the pandemic and the city is slightly easing some restrictions

Indian States Impose Curbs on Work, Travel to Help Slow Covid-19 Surge

Growth in new cases slowed in some of the hardest-hit parts of India, including the capital, New Delhi, and Mumbai, but other states are still seeing significant spread.

No refuge for India's rich and middle class from second COVID-19 wave

High-rise apartment towers are hotbeds of infections, whereas some slums are proving resilient after enduring the first wave of the virus last year.

'We have a mandate to deliver': Boris in Hartlepool after by-election win

The Prime Minister met up with Jill Mortimer on Hartlepool Marina

Opinion | Does Scotland Really Want Independence?

The fastest and most effective way of driving politically moderate Scots away from the United Kingdom is to tell them that they are never allowed to leave.

England 'green list' of approved travel destinations revealed

Travelers from the UK have been given the go ahead to visit Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel from May 17 when months of restrictions making it illegal to travel abroad for a vacation will come to an end.

BREAKING: Government reveals its "Green List" - Economy Class & Beyond

Well, Grant Shapps has stood in front of a lectern and has spoken. Which countries are on the green list, and which have been added to the red list?  Speaking currently at Number 10 – Image via BBC News.  Here is list. GREEN LIST COUNTRIES Portugal…

Government Reveals Which Countries Are On The Travel 'Green List'

Travel destinations have been categorised with different quarantine and testing requirements, depending on how high-risk they are.

WHO greenlights Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

The World Health Organization on Friday announced it granted emergency use listing to Beijing's COVID-19 vaccine, Sinopharm, marking the sixth vaccine in the world health agency's arsenal.

WHO approves Covid vaccine made by China's Sinopharm for emergency use

The new addition to the list could hasten efforts to control the spread of Covid, which has recently spread to record-high infection levels in some countries.

Covid: Quarantine-free destinations for England revealed

The transport secretary announces a "green list" of countries deemed safest for travel from England.

To reforge its bond with working people, Labour should learn from Joe Biden | Jonathan Freedland

Keir Starmer could unite his party’s divided base by focusing on creating well-paid, unionised jobs, says Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland

China’s Vaccine Diplomacy Just Got a Big Win. But Can the Country Deliver?

The World Health Organization has approved a Chinese vaccine for emergency use. The announcement comes at a time when officials in the country are warning of a domestic shortage.

Boris Johnson's Tories pick up seat in Hartlepool, punching hole in Labour's 'red wall'

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party picked up a major victory late Thursday, winning a seat in the northeast town of Hartlepool -- a seat held by the opposition Labour Party since it was formed and a brick in Labour’s now-crumbling "red wall."

If it is to ever win another election, Labour needs nothing less than refounding | Neal Lawson

The party must reset itself with a new name and a progressive alliance, says Neal Lawson, director of pressure group Compass

Deadly police shootout prompts claims of abuse in Brazil

A bloody, hourslong gunbattle in a Rio de Janeiro slum echoed into Friday, with authorities saying the police mission killed two dozen criminals while residents and activists claimed human rights abuses.

Vatican coronavirus conference features Fauci, Francis — and Aerosmith

The CEOs of vaccine-makers Pfizer and Moderna joined cardinals, academics and the lead guitarist of Aerosmith in opening a unique Vatican conference on COVID-19, other global health threats and how science, solidarity and spirituality can address them.

Dr. Fauci Says This Shocked Him Most About COVID | Eat This Not That

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the President and the director of the...

WHO to decide Friday if Chinese vaccine Sinopharm will be granted emergency use authorization

The global public health body said it would announce its decision on Friday.

U.N. Calls For Investigation As Police In Brazil Kill At Least 24 In Rio Drug Raid

The operation aimed at alleged drug traffickers resulted in a terrifying shootout in one of the city's poorest slums. One police officer also died in the raid.

The first results in crucial elections for the Scottish parliament which could determine the future of the United Kingdom began to be announced on Friday with mixed outcomes for Scotland's main pro-independence party.

Cathie Wood talks about her top disruptive ideas, including Netflix and Tesla

Star fund manager Cathie Wood on Friday discussed a few of her top disruptive stock ideas, including Netflix, Tesla and Deere.

US job growth far below expectations in April amid labor shortages

U.S. employers hired far fewer workers than expected in April, likely frustrated by labor shortages, leaving them scrambling to met booming demand ...

Cathie Wood Talks Market Outlook, Ark Invest Positioning, Tesla On CNBC: What Investors Need To Know | Benzinga

Cathie Wood, the founder, CIO and CEO of Ark Invest, appeared on CNBC's "Clo...

Celeb reactions to Elon Musk hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’: 'Ignore the haters'

Some people questioned why a billionaire businessman is going to be featured on the NBC show which usually reserves its coveted hosting spots for people in entertainment.

Despite Xinjiang Boycott, Adidas Expects ‘Strong Growth’ in China This Year

Adidas is expecting a 'slow but steady' recovery in China amid the Xinjiang boycott. It predicted 'strong growth' in the country for 2021.

April jobs report disappoints: What happened, and how did economists get it so wrong?

The Bureau of Labor Statistic's newest report showed that an April jobs report did not materialize, confounding a rosy picture of the U.S. labor market.

U.S. Chamber calls for end to $300 weekly supplemental unemployment benefits

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U. S. Chamber of Commerce is calling for Washington to immediately stop paying out-of-work Americans an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits, saying the boost in government aid is giving some recipients less incentive to look for work.

39 States Where People Gave Up Looking for Jobs During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the U.

Elon Musk Backpedals on the Doge Hype 48 Hours Before SNL Appearance

Elon Musk, richer than God and therefore a trusted source of investment advice for mortals, has pivoted now to offer some sober advice about the dangers of meme currencies. He provides previously unshared information: Doge’s only tangible value is hype, and HODLers may reach price…

U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls for end to extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits

(AP) — The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling for Washington to immediately stop paying out-of-work Americans an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits, saying the boost in government ai…

WHO greenlights Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

The World Health Organization on Friday announced it granted emergency use listing to Beijing's COVID-19 vaccine, Sinopharm, marking the sixth vaccine in the world health agency's arsenal.

Chamber of Commerce seeks end to enhanced US jobless aid

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling for Washington to immediately stop paying out-of-work Americans an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits, saying the boost in government aid is giving some recipients less incentive to look for work

Big business blasts unemployment benefits in jobs dearth

Long and lucrative unemployment benefits are keeping employees out of the workforce.

Why the stock market keeps climbing after a surprisingly weak jobs report

It may take more than a much-weaker-than-expected April jobs report to kill the stock market rally, though the popular reflation trade is seeing a modest...

29% of unemployed Americans have been jobless over a year

About 29% of unemployed Americans have been out of work at least a year, a period of joblessness stretching to the early days of the Covid pandemic.

Adidas gets off to a flying start in 2021

Sporting goods group Adidas has started the year extremely well, with a reported increase in sales of 20%. Especially the footwear division did very well.

W.H.O. approves China’s Sinopharm vaccine for emergency use.

Sinopharm is the first Chinese shot to be classified as safe and effective by the World Health Organization, allowing the vaccine to be more widely distributed to poor and middle-income nations.

Here's Why Tech Stocks Are Rallying After 'Massively Disappointing' Jobs Report

The Nasdaq immediately spiked 1.5% after the Labor Department announced that April job creation fell way short of expectations.

US Chamber of Commerce calls for ending extra unemployment benefits after disappointing jobs report

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling on Congress to cancel the extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits, citing worker shortages.

Charting America's jobs: Unemployment recovery from COVID pandemic

A year after the biggest monthly job loss in U.S. history, millions of jobs have returned but the economy is still well short of pre-pandemic levels.

Opinion | Behind the April jobs report: Is there a shortage of jobs or a shortage of workers?

Debate has been raging about whether there are too few workers willing to accept the jobs on offer.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce blames weak jobs report on enhanced unemployment benefit, kicks off lobbying effort

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce blamed a $300-per-week federal jobless benefit for April's far-weaker-than-expected jobs report.

CDC official who issued early warnings about the threat of Covid will resign, reports say

Messonnier's stark warnings contrasted sharply with then-President Donald Trump's messaging at the same time.

Why Elon Musk Is Wrong for ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Column)

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO spends his life promoting things that make the world a more irritating place. He doesn't need 90 minutes on NBC.

Lockdowns slam brakes on Canada’s jobs market recovery

Canada’s labour market recovery hit a major snag in April, as the economy shed 207,100 jobs.

Here's where the jobs are — in one chart

U.S. firms hired far fewer workers than expected in April, as employers struggled to find people to fill job openings.

US job growth slows sharply in sign of hiring struggles - Times of India

US News: WASHINGTON: America's employers added just 266,000 jobs last month, sharply lower than in March and a sign that some businesses are struggling to find.

Senior CDC official who met Trump’s wrath for raising alarm about coronavirus to resign

Nancy Messonnier has been director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases since 2016.

A C.D.C. official who early on warned that the coronavirus would upend American lives resigns.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier’s departure may signal more changes at the C.D.C. division she led.

Confidence in the safety of the J&J vaccine is low following U.S. pause, Kaiser survey shows

Just 46% of respondents said they were at least somewhat confident in the J&J shot, compared with 69% who said the same for Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines.

WHO to decide Friday if Chinese vaccine Sinopharm will be granted emergency use authorization

The global public health body said it would announce its decision on Friday.

US unemployment rises to 6.1% as hiring slows

With viral cases declining and states and restrictions easing, businesses have added jobs for four straight months, the Labor Department said. Still, the unemployment rate ticket up 0.1%.

Peloton shares rise as treadmill recall impact not as bad as feared

Peloton shares climbed about 6% Friday as investors realized the financial hit from the company's treadmill recall isn't as bad as some had feared.

Jobs Report Shocks With Payrolls Up Just 266,000; Dow Jones Futures Fall, Techs Soar

The April jobs report was stunningly soft. Dow futures fell, Nasdaq futures soared as Treasury yields slid.

Dow Jones Today, Futures Divide On April Payrolls Miss: Miners Rally As Copper Jumps; Alphabet, Rio Tinto In Buy Zones

DraftKings and Spectrum Brands rose on earnings, Nike led the Dow Jones today, as stock futures divided after April payrolls data.

Weak April jobs report falls well short of expectations

Employers added only 266,000 jobs in April, much fewer than the previous month and far short of expectations.

U.S. added just 266,000 jobs in April, and March payrolls revised lower

Nonfarm payrolls were expected to increase by 1 million in April, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones.

As dogecoin price tops 60 cents, Elon Musk says ‘please invest with caution’ ahead of ‘Saturday Night Live’ guest-host gig

Elon Musk has issued the crypto community perhaps a rare word of caution about dogecoin.

Group of endangered condors take up residence outside of a California woman's home

There are only about 200 California condors in the wild in California, but for some reason, 15 to 20 of the massive birds decided to congregate in one location — on a woman's deck.

Chinese rocket debris photographed in space

An Italian astrophysicist has captured the almost 100-foot Chinese rocket core that is expected to make an uncontrolled reentry into Earth's atmosphere over the weekend.

Heads Up! A Used Chinese Rocket Is Tumbling Back to Earth This Weekend.

The chances of it hitting a populated area are small, but not zero. That has raised questions about how the country’s space program designs its missions.

Heads-up: A Chinese rocket that might be out of control is hurtling back to Earth. What you should know.

A section of a large Chinese rocket is falling back to Earth and is expected to hit sometime Saturday. Where will it land?

A European astronaut says the risk of the uncontrolled Chinese rocket hitting a home is like getting hit by lightning — and if it did, people would only get a few hours' warning

The risk "should be kept as close to zero as possible," ESA astronaut and Interagency Coordinator Thomas Reiter told Insider.

First tropical system of 2021 in Western Hemisphere could form by next week

The Western Hemisphere's first tropical system of 2021 could form by next week.

Biden's Paris Agreement commitment will be tough on Americans — and

The U.S. cannot meet its nationally determined contribution to the Paris Agreement without without major sacrifices for Americans.

Flock of giant California condors trashes woman's home

About 15 to 20 of the giant endangered birds have recently taken a liking to the house in the city of Tehachapi and made quite a mess.

15 endangered condors flock to one California woman's home

She said she was both “amazed and angry” to encounter the animals.

UN says cutting methane quickly is the key to fighting dangerous

Methane is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas and is responsible for about 30 percent of the Earth’s warming.

The Jersey fishing standoff shows Brexit has only just begun | Marley Morris

Britain will need to find a way to cooperate with its closest neighbours without resorting to gunboat diplomacy., says Marley Morris of the Institute for Public Policy Research

Video shows Chinese rocket debris over Washington, DC

The U.S. government is keeping a close eye on a large Chinese rocket plummeting to Earth.

The Chinese rocket speeding back to Earth is so unpredictable it could land almost anywhere. One guess is around Turkmenistan late on May 8.

Estimates will "vary wildly" until the rocket is closer, says 18th Space Control Squadron, a branch of the US military that tracks space debris.

Cinda Mickols arrived at her house in Tehachapi, California to find that an unusually large flock of the endangered condors had pooped all over her deck.

China discounts possibility of harm from falling rocket

BEIJING (AP) — China says the upper stage of its Long March 5B rocket that launched the core module of its space station will mostly burn up on re-entry, posing little threat to people and property…

‘They’re chilling’: endangered condors take up residence outside California woman’s home

More than 15 rare birds, whose population is at about 160 in the state, showed up at Cinda Mickol’s home – and they’ve made a mess

The young people taking their countries to court over climate inaction

Children and young adults around the world are demanding action from governments on global heating and the ecological crisis

U.K. and France Call in the Navy, Sort of, in Channel Islands Fishing Dispute

French fishing crews dropped their threat to blockade a port on the island of Jersey, but a standoff over post-Brexit fishing rights augured a future of similar disputes.

Big Chinese rocket segment set to fall to Earth

Tracking radars are following closely the gradual fall to Earth of a large Chinese rocket vehicle.

EU accuses UK as France seeks to ‘rapidly defuse’ Jersey fishing row

France moves to calm diplomatic waters but Brussels says Britain has breached terms of Brexit trade deal

Main stage of Chinese rocket likely to plunge to Earth soon

BEIJING — The largest section of the rocket that launched the main module of China’s first permanent space station into orbit is expected to plunge back to Earth as early as Saturday at an unknown location. Usually, discarded core, or first-stage, rockets reenter soon after…

What Goes Up Must Come Down — Including A Giant Chinese Rocket Plunging Toward Earth

U.S. Space Command says the exact entry point into the Earth's atmosphere cannot be pinpointed until hours before its reentry, which is expected sometime around May 8.

Hydrogen’s “false promise” could hamper climate progress, lock in fossil fuels

Study warns universal reliance on hydrogen-based fuels could distract from main game of renewable electrification and lock in fossil fuel dependency.

Researchers discover 3 new species of tiny animals off the coast of France

A new loricifera species, Nanaloricus mathildeae. Video: Ricardo C. NevesThe space between sand and sediment at the bottom of the sea is home to tiny animals called loriciferans. This week researchers describe three new species of the animals found off the coast of France.The big…

Op-Ed: We can't hold back rising oceans. We can only move out of the way

Even if we aggressively move away from fossil fuels, sea level will keep rising for centuries because greenhouse gases are baked into the atmosphere.

China's greenhouse gas emissions exceed those of U.S. and developed countries combined, report says

China is responsible for more than 27% of total global emissions, a new study says. The U.S. accounts for 11% of the global total.

There are only about 200 California condors in the wild. About 10% landed on one woman's deck

Over the weekend, Cinda Mickols found 15 to 20 of the rare raptors inexplicably...

Cutting methane quickly is key to curbing dangerous warming, U.N. report says

Cutting the greenhouse gas methane quickly and dramatically is the world’s best hope to slow and limit the worst of global warming, a U.N. report says.

China's greenhouse gas emissions exceed rest of developed world...

​China's greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 exceeded for the first time those of the US and other developed nations combined, according to a report published Thursday by an energy consulting group.

China, U.S. continue to lead world in air pollution

China’s 2019 emissions rate matches those of all OECD member countries.

Endangered condors trash home of California mom

A California woman's home has reportedly been invaded by a flock of endangered California condors.

How to spot the difference between a real climate policy and greenwashing guff | Damian Carrington

Unless actions by governments and corporations cut emissions here and now, a dose of scepticism is in order, says Guardian environment editor Damian Carrington

Flock of rare California condors trash woman’s home

Giant California condors are rare — but not at Cinda Mickols’ home.

UK, France send vessels to Jersey island: Why is there a fight over fishing and how might it escalate?

Two Royal Navy vessels have been sent to Jersey amid concerns of a possible blockade of the island by French boats -- but why have they been deployed?

End of the road gas boilers? Researchers give thumbs down to hydrogen heating

Hydrogen power should reserved for powering aircraft and large factories, say experts, dashing hopes gas industry could pivot to piping hydrogen into homes

Scientists say the risk of debris from the 22-metric-ton rocket stage hitting people or causing property damage is extremely low.

'Universal' faith in hydrogen could lock world into fossil fuel reliance: German study | Recharge

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research concludes electrification should lead with H2 reserved for decarbonising air travel and heavy-emitting industries

Longevity startup Gero AI has a mobile API for quantifying health changes

Sensor data from smartphones and wearables can meaningfully predict an individual’s ‘biological age’ and resilience to stress, according to Gero AI. The ‘longevity’ startup — which condenses its mission to the pithy goal of “hacking complex diseases and aging with Gero AI” — has developed…

AI Weekly: Qualcomm’s AI research and development efforts

Qualcomm AI research head Jilei Hou spoke with VentureBeat about the company's investment focus and broader mission.

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Improving Healthcare

Aritifical intelligence in healthcare is becoming increasingly more common. Here are 7 ways this growth might impact the industry as a whole.

Toyota AI Ventures and May Mobility will talk the future of the transportation industry on Extra Crunch Live

Besides a passion for progress in the mobility space, what do Toyota AI Ventures’ Jim Adler, May Mobility’s Nina Grooms Lee and May’s Edwin Olson have in common? All three of them are joining us on an upcoming episode of Extra Crunch Live. The show…

Artificial intelligence company bringing 500 jobs to Kansas City area

A technology company is bringing around 500 jobs to the Kansas City area.

Big think: Will AI ever achieve true understanding?

If you ask your maps app to find "restaurants that aren't McDonald's," you won't like the result.

USPS gets ahead of missing packages with AI edge computing | Federal News Network

The Postal Service is rolling out AI tools across 195 of its processing centers for greater visibility into the data it captures from incoming packages.

Tech Tent: Is AI music the best medicine?

A start-up claims its AI can make playlists with real-world medical benefits.

Forget iMac 2021 — HP’s new all-in-one has big features Apple can’t match

HP's latest all-in-one offers AI-driven noise reduction, proximity sensing and more

Proper data hygiene critical as enterprises focus on AI governance

AI use raises pressures to understand the provenance of data. That means greater AI governance will be needed.

Enbridge (ENB) Stock Sinks As Market Gains: What You Should Know

Enbridge (ENB) closed the most recent trading day at $39.79, moving -0.38% from the previous trading session.

Starbucks (SBUX) Outpaces Stock Market Gains: What You Should Know

Starbucks (SBUX) closed at $114.74 in the latest trading session, marking a +1.11% move from the prior day., Inc. (AI) Stock Sinks As Market Gains: What You Should Know, Inc. (AI) closed the most recent trading day at $56.34, moving -4.09% from the previous trading session., Inc. (JD) Outpaces Stock Market Gains: What You Should Know

In the latest trading session,, Inc. (JD) closed at $76.39, marking a +1.13% move from the previous day.

Alphabet (GOOGL) Outpaces Stock Market Gains: What You Should Know

Alphabet (GOOGL) closed the most recent trading day at $2,337.35, moving +0.98% from the previous trading session.

USPS Turns to AI at the Edge to Boost Package Processing

Results are already surfacing from the new Edge Computing Infrastructure Program.

It’s time to train professional AI risk managers

With European regulations underway that will mandate AI safety, businesses around the world will face AI audits.

HP EliteOne 800 G8 Is Here to Challenge the New iMac | Digital Trends

Though it may look like Apple's redesigned iMac, HP's EliteOne 800 all-in-one is an enterprise desktop with A.I. smarts made for video calls.

Google introduces Woolaroo, a tool for learning indigenous languages

With many indigenous languages worldwide becoming endangered due to a dwindling number of native speakers, Google has introduced the app Woolaroo which focuses on learning these languages. The idea for ...

‘Do not click on any links’: Postal Service warns of fake texts, emails about deliveries, packages

Postal inspectors said consumers should be aware that the USPS does not send send text messages or emails about unclaimed packages or delivery attempts.

AI is ready to take on a massive healthcare challenge

Shortening the diagnostic journey and reducing the associated costs was, until recently, a moonshot challenge, but is now within reach. Technology and AI advances are combining to make genetic testing accessible.

Tesla, Apple Supplier Delta To Pour $7M In AI Semiconductor Startup Amid Chip Shortage

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) power components supplier Delta Electronics is backing Kneron, an artificial intelligence startup that develops...

Researchers say this combo of old-school invisible ink and AI is ‘uncrackable’

A team of researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China have developed a system by which invisible ink and a basic cipher can be combined with relatively simple AI to create an ‘uncrackable’ offline encryption method. Up fron

AI consumes a lot of energy. Hackers could make it consume more.

The latest generation of neural networks are vulnerable to a new kind of attack that makes them use too much energy.

HP unveils EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One and desktop PC lineup

HP has a new EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One releasing in May. And if you want a standard commercial desktop PC, HP's bringing those along, too.

EETimes - Argo AI Sets Sights on Lidar Leadership

Argo AI this week teased a few details of its lidars based on Geiger-mode sensing technology. The company will outfit its entire testing fleet – roughly 200 vehicles – with the new lidars before the end of this year.

AI Is Harder Than We Think: 4 Key Fallacies in AI Research

AI is stuck in an ebb-and-flow cycle largely because we don’t yet truly understand the nature and complexity of human intelligence.

Dyno raises $100 million to bring artificial intelligence to gene therapy

Dyno Therapeutics, which uses artificial intelligence techniques to develop gene therapies, has raised $100 million from investors.

The HP EliteOne 800 All-in-One is made for hybrid work scenarios

The HP EliteOne 800 All-in-One is official, and with dual 5MP cameras and AI noise reduction, it's made for any work environment.

Camera on HP's New All-in-One PC Follows You Around the Room

The EliteOne 800 G8 was made with video conferencing in mind. It comes with face-tracking, noise filters, and lighting-adjustment features to optimize video calls.

Camera on HP's New All-in-One PC Follows You Around the Room

The EliteOne 800 G8 was made with video conferencing in mind. It comes with face-tracking, noise filters, and lighting-adjustment features to optimize video calls.

Lightmatter Raises $80M Series B and Brings Photonic Compute Chip to Market That Accelerates AI With 10x-Plus Speed and Energy Advantage

Lightmatter, the leader in photonic computing, announces an $80 million Series B investment round.

Lightmatter’s photonic AI ambitions light up an $80M B round

AI is fundamental to many products and services today, but its hunger for data and computing cycles is bottomless. Lightmatter plans to leapfrog Moore’s law with its ultra-fast photonic chips specialized for AI work, and with a new $80 million round, the company is poised…

How AI is helping Nvidia improve U.S. Postal Service delivery

Nvidia says it's helping the U.S. Postal Service expedite and improve the reliability of mail delivery using AI.

What a Crossword AI Reveals About Humans' Way With Words

Dr. Fill, a puzzle-solving automaton, came out victorious at last week's national tournament—but human solvers shouldn't throw in the towel just yet.

Scale AI raises $325M, valued at $7.3B - FreightWaves

‘Data gives companies power. But, you need to extract it first.’

With £8M funding, London insurtech intends to speed up insurance claims process - UKTN (UK Tech News)

With £8M funding, London insurtech intends to speed up insurance claims process for its users,

Revolut launches bitcoin withdrawal with more tokens to come in near future - UKTN (UK Tech News)

London-based fintech, Revolut launches bitcoin withdrawal and looking forward to add more tokens in near future.

Dyno grabs $100M to expand tech, build team, ink more gene therapy partnerships

Dyno Therapeutics emerged last year with a modest seed round and Big Pharma partnerships to fuel its work designing new and improved viral vectors to deliver gene therapy. Now, the company is kicking it up a notch with a $100 million financing to expand its…

Precision farming company raises $20M to deploy AI drone swarms

Precision AI says deploying swarms of artificially intelligent drones can help reduce the use of herbicides in agriculture dramatically.

Shift Technology Secures $220 Million in a Series D Investment Round Led by Advent International

/PRNewswire/ -- Shift Technology, a SaaS provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven decision automation and optimization solutions for the global...

Add another Unicorn to the list, Paris-based Shift Technology raises $220 million in Series D round, valued at over $1 billion -

Paris-based AI SaaS provider to the insurance industry Shift Technology has raised $220 million in a Series D round led by Advent International. Avenir, Accel, Bessemer Venture Partners, General Catalyst, and Iris Capital also participated. With this round, Shift’s total investment to date rises to…

Shift Technology raises $220M at a $1B+ valuation to fight insurance fraud with AI

While incumbent insurance providers continue to get disrupted by startups like Lemonade, Alan, Clearcover, Pie and many others applying tech to rethink how to build a business around helping people and companies mitigate against risks with some financial security, one issue that has not disappeared…

IQVIA partners with Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority

Both parties will reportedly collaborate on joint ideas and research in data and artificial intelligence, build a centre for “innovation and knowledge”, and develop related training programmes.

Tesla supplier Delta Electronics invests $7M in AI chip startup Kneron

Despite a persistent semiconductor shortage that is disrupting the global automotive industry, investors remain bullish on the chips used to power next-generation vehicles. Kneron, a startup that develops semiconductors to give devices artificial intelligence capabilities by using edge computing, just got funded by Delta Electronics,…

US Postal Service hiring, training 300 letter carriers in Chicago

The U.S. Postal Service is in the process of hiring and training 300 letter carriers in Chicago.

French start-up Shift Technology, a developer of software to help insurers detect fraudsters, has closed a $220 million fundraising that brings its valuation to over $1 billion, it said on Thursday.